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Photographer Richard Powers

Perhaps you've heard already, but british photographer Richard Powers has just come out with a a book together with writer Dominic Bradbury. The book is called The Iconic House - Architectual Masterworks since 1900, and the title is pretty self-explanatory, so I won't write more about that. Instead I'll show you some of what I think is his best interior shots. Enjoy!


Photographer Jonas Ingerstedt

I hope you all had a nice Christmas! I took a short blog break, but now I'm back, well rested and full of new inspiration. I finally had time to read up on some of my favorite blogs, and over at Solid Frog I found this new to me photographer, Jonas Ingerstedt, that I really liked.

Stylist Sibella Court 2

I just have to write another post on Sibella Court, because I found her own website (the other pics were from her agent's site) called The Society Inc and it is awesome! Awesome I tell you! It is probably the most inspiring site I have seen this year, and trust me, I've seen a lot of websites... Besides the beautiful design, there is so much material on there, divided into sections of different themes (=styles), with colour charts, styling tips, suggestions for materials you can use to achieve the styles you see, downloadable pdf's etc etc. Add to that hundreds of wonderful photos, inspiring texts and you have a small clue, but you really have to check it out for yourself!

It seems Sibella isn't just an amazing interior stylist, she also does mural painting, wedding design, product development and graphic design. I'm overwhelmed. What a talented and energetic woman she must be!

Sibella also has a brand new book out called Etcetera: Creating Beautiful Interiors with the Things You Love, available directly from her or from Amazon. As if that wasn't enough, my Australian readers can actually visit Sibella's own shop in Paddington! Apparently she changes the whole interior of the store 4 times a year, using the different themes you can see on her site, so I'm guessing (and hoping) there will be more themes on there eventually.

The pictures I chose here are all from the two themes Foundations and Paper Whites. There are seven more themes on the site, and I'm sure you will all find your very own favourite.

Stylist Sibella Court

I found some beautiful X-mas styling by Australian interior stylist Sibella Court, and wanted to share...

Dreaming of a Christmas tree

Everyone who's ever had kittens knows that Christmas decorations and cats don't mix. Especially not Christmas trees. So we aren't going to have a tree this year, and it makes me feel a little sad. But just a little. That was until I saw Jonathan's tree over at his blog Happy Mundane. It's awesome! He has a white tree with homemade but totally stylish decorations. I've swooned over his trees for the last two years too, but this time he has outdone himself.  So now I'm more than a little sad... I'm totally jealous!
I'm going to post a few pictures of the finished results below, but for more pictures and instructions on how to make the decorations yourself you'll have to hop over to Happy Mundane.

Stylist Emma Thomas

Stylist and art director Emma Thomas has a big online portfolio with a long row of really stunning shots! She has worked for all the giants like Elle Decoration UK, Harrods, Living Etc, Habitat and Marie Claire and we can all see why...

And then there is this picture, in which the furniture and interiors aren't really my style at all, but I love the balloons coming in through the door like they want to join the party!

New prints by Sanna Annukka

One of the first artists I wrote about on this blog, back when it started in 2005, was Sanna Annukka. Now, almost four years later, I definitely think it's time to show some of her art again. Sanna just launched three new prints and a set of wooden birds in her familiar style but this time in a more subdued color palette. I think that is pretty funny, because I used to show a lot of bold colors here before, and now that I've changed my taste, so has she, and in the same direction!

You can buy the limited edition prints and her new birds in her shop, right here.

I'm on Times list of the world's best design blogs!

I just received the fantastic news that I'm on Times list of the world's 50 best design blogs! Not only that, I'm in 8th place! To me, that is just totally bizarre, seeing my name up there with giants like Design*Sponge, Decor8 and Apartment Therapy. I can't believe it! This totally made my day, so thank you Elisabeth for emailing me about it.

While I'm already bragging I might as well give a little shout out and remind you to vote for my moodboard to help me win a new kitchen! The competition is open until January 16th.

Designer Stefano Gaggero

I recieved an email this weekend, with some beautiful images attached. It was from Italian designer Stefano Gaggero, showing bits of his home, and his new vase, Cage. I'm very picky with what I put on this blog, but this was too good to pass up! Look at that super high book case, I would love to have a looong browse through that magazine collection. And he has my dream chairs! Oh, and don't miss his stunning tile floor!
Then there is the vase, which would look equally good in the garden as it would in your livingroom.

Interviewed at Husligheter

Today you can read an interview with me over at Husligheter, it's about Christmas, traditions and wishes. It's in Swedish, but the blog has a button to simply translate it (in a very funny way) with Google Translate, so don't let the language barrier stop you!

Stylist Lo Bjurulf

Swedish interior stylist Lo Bjurulf is often featured in the big magazines like Elle Interiör, and has also worked for both Ikea and HM Home, so she is definitely up there as one of the big names. I love it when she goes for the simple palette of black, gray, white and wood, and here are some of my favorites from her portfolio:

Saturday Sweets

Am I the only one who isn't done with the Christmas decorating yet? Perhaps there is someone else out there who is equally late, in that case this is for you! All you other well organized people can save these pictures for next years inspiration...

Stolen from RUM

As a little evasive maneuvre, I stole some photos frum RUM magazine for you to admire while I prepare for Christmas. Please enjoy!

Check me out at Cafemom and Smallable

I had the honour to be invited to make wishlists for Christmas at both Cafemom and Smallable! How fun to get to pick your favourites like this, it's almost like shopping...

At Cafemom there are two giftguides, one for gifts under $10 and one for under $20, where a number of bloggers have participated to show what they whish for this year. I knew immediately what I wanted to show in the under $10 list, and funnily enough, Benita from Chez Larsson picked the exact same product!

And then there is the one on Smallable, where I was asked to pick eight products from their shop on which you all get a discount! Isn't that a great Christmas gift? So all the things you see below are now discounted with 20% if you use the code NOELEMMASBLOG when you check out! Just click here to go to my wishlist on Smallable to get all the products on the same page.





Ceramics by Gustaf Nordenskiöld

Swedish designer Gustaf Nordenskiöld just opened up a webshop with international shipping, so now everyone who likes his beautiful handmade ceramics can get their hands on it! I think they would make excellent Christmas presents, and if anyone is thinking of gifting me, I'd love to get the Deform mini hook, please. I promise I've been good...

Three first pics, photographer Karin Björkquist, two last pics, photographer Gustaf Nordenskiöld

My moodboard for Marbodals competition

I have entered a competition where I could win a new kitchen from Marbodal, and now I need your votes! The top five moodboards with the most votes goes through to the finales where a winner is chosen. Please please please vote for me, because the kitchen in my house is the most horrific thing I have ever seen, and if I win I will naturally share the before and after pics with you!

This is how you vote: click the moodboard below to go the competition page and then just click on the stars under my picture there. I will be eternally grateful if you vote for me!


About the owl quilt

I've received comments and emails asking about the pattern for Lo's owl quilt, where to get one and so on. I asked the creator of the quilt, my mother-in-law, and she says the pattern is copyright protected, but she would be happy to make quilts on commission (which is totally legal) for anyone who wants one! So if you want your own owl quilt, just comment here or email me at emmas.blogg@hotmail.com and I will forward it to her.

I'll try to take better photo later, I just have to get the sleeping Lo off my arm first...

Wood bottles by Daniel Franzén

Today I'm loving these pine bottles by architect Daniel Franzén, available at Cosas. Classic materials and classic shapes, but together they feel new and fresh!