Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

The home of decorator Anna Lilja

Do you find it hard to mix and match pieces from different styles and eras? Take a cue from interior designer and art director Anna Lilja! This is her Stockholm apartment with an awesome mix of 50's, 70's and modern furniture in an old house with soaring ceilings and huge windows letting lots of light in. The secret seems to be colour matching and confidence...

Anna also has a book coming out soon called HandMade (I want!). Here is a small sneak peak:


  • jennifer ramos says:

    Oh!! I really love the candle holders, GORGEOUS! i have 2 lamps in that similar gold brass look and style...i love them.

    Jen Ramos

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    2009-08-03 | 03:08:31
    URL: http://madebygirl.blogspot.com
  • SNYdesign says:

    Åh , for et herlig interiør. Mye personlighet og varme!:)

    2009-08-03 | 08:37:20
    URL: http://snydesign.blogspot.com
  • smv22 says:

    Can you help me identify the chairs around the dining table? They are absolutely beautiful. Thanks

    2009-08-04 | 16:17:44
  • emma says:

    Oh, the chairs are the classic Wire Side Chair by Harry Bertoia.

    2009-08-05 | 01:29:33
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Ianny says:

    What appeal to me more are those little animals you scatter around the home.

    Consider making over into a <i>nature-</i> theme. For a start, you can display huge photographic prints of <a href="http://www.splashposters.com/wildlife-posters.php">wild animals</a>. They 'add life' to your space.

    2009-08-05 | 05:17:31
    URL: http://www.splashposters.com
  • simplygrove says:

    Love all of it!!! xx

    2009-08-06 | 05:04:46
    URL: http://simplygrove.blogspot.com
  • virginia woodard says:

    can you tell me where the table is from? with the yellow chairs

    2009-08-15 | 23:24:40
  • emma says:

    Virginia, sorry but I have no idea where that table is from, maybe you could email Anna Lilja? The address should be on her homepage.

    2009-08-17 | 03:21:19
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/

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