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Saturday Sweets

Ready for some treats? I sure am!

Autumn arrived here today, and all I feel like is spending time in the kitchen. If my dining area looked anything like any of the ones below, I would definitely invite some friends over for a nice hot casserole or soup. But it doesn't look like that. Very far from it actually. Maybe next year...

Pictures from top to to bottom: Boligliv, Sköna Hem, Sköna Hem, Magnus Anesund, unknown.


  • apple and milk says:

    I want the 5th !

    2009-08-22 | 23:08:39
    URL: http://appleandmilk.canalblog.com/
  • doko says:

    Oh, I love the long white cabinet on the 3rd pic! Do you have an idea where is it from? :)

    2009-08-23 | 13:27:59
  • [room] by sofie says:

    Sooo nice pictures!

    I like nr 5 as well...


    2009-08-24 | 08:56:57
    URL: http://roombysofie.blogspot.com
  • Niklas says:

    wow, bild nr 2 var skitläcker! Men jag har precis upptäckt hur ofta Sköna Hem har väldigt bra bilder/reportage/styling.

    2009-08-24 | 11:29:33
    URL: http://www.ahardslojdlife.com
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    The white cabinet in the third pic is simply a long row of Ikea kitchen cabinets.

    2009-08-24 | 13:43:53
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Åsa says:

    Finns det möjligtvis någon som vet var de svarta stolarna på Magnus Anesunds bild näst längst ner kommer ifrån? Ja, eller tillverkare.

    2009-08-24 | 20:14:33
    URL: http://ascaca.blogspot.com
  • DOKO says:

    Thank you very much Emma! :)

    2009-08-24 | 21:00:33
  • Iris says:

    det första och det sista hade jag gärna haft. Mest på grund av stolarna, tycker de är så himla fina!

    kram /iris

    2009-08-24 | 22:36:04
    URL: http://inredningskaos.blogspot.com
  • Hudson Goods says:

    love the wood chairs in the second photo. thanks!

    2009-08-25 | 02:37:34
    URL: http://hudsongoodsblog.com/
  • Ulla says:

    I LOVE Eames

    2009-08-26 | 09:13:34
    URL: http://frklundegaard.blogspot.com/
  • Erica says:

    otorligt snygga och inspirerande bilder! härlig blogg du har! kommer kika in igen!!

    2009-08-29 | 22:48:43
    URL: http://thereisnoplacelikehome.blogg.se/
  • rebecca says:

    loving the wall gallery in the 3rd photo. This space is super relaxing to me sigh

    2009-08-30 | 18:26:09
    URL: http://lovinglivingsmall.com
  • jess Smith says:

    digging the mixed chairs, have always had a thing for chairs.

    2009-09-19 | 01:19:40
    URL: http://hippiefroufrou.blogspot.com

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