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Rugh Family Workshop posters

Have you heard about the Rugh Family Workshop poster project?
It was started by Jaime & Jeffrey Rugh for their children. Collaborating as artists with family, old friends and new friends, the workshop started making posters to promote awareness, support and compassion for individuals and families living with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The limited edition posters vary widely in range, focus and design as does the spectrum itself, and are available for international shipping. A donation will be made from each sale to GRASP, an educational and advocacy organization serving individuals on the autism spectrum.

I am getting this purple one for our home. It suits us perfectly, as everyone in the family, including the pets, are weird in their own different ways...

Jaime Rugh also has a beautifully designed online store for craft supplies, don't miss it!

Photographer Magnus Anesund

In the latest "Saturday Sweets", there was a pic from photographer Magnus Anesund, and I want to share more of his photos today, as I think he has such a great eye. (the top pic is for Elle Interiör, the second one for IKEA, and please notice the bedframe in the third picture)

Saturday Sweets

Ready for some treats? I sure am!

Autumn arrived here today, and all I feel like is spending time in the kitchen. If my dining area looked anything like any of the ones below, I would definitely invite some friends over for a nice hot casserole or soup. But it doesn't look like that. Very far from it actually. Maybe next year...

Pictures from top to to bottom: Boligliv, Sköna Hem, Sköna Hem, Magnus Anesund, unknown.

White in white by Susanne Swegen

Norwegian interior stylist Susanne Swegen made this beautiful and serene series of white in white pictures, shot by photograph Trine Thorsen. I love the paintings with their backs turned in the fourth picture!

Blog tips!

I've found a few new to me blogs recently that I wanted to share with you! They are all super stylish and inspiring, so be sure to check them out!

Stylist Sofie Andersson

Sorry, no eye candy this weekend. Instead I'd like to give you some pictures from stylist Sofie Andersson's portfolio that I hadn't seen before. Enjoy!

New sponsor: Elle Interiør

If you look in the right column you will see a new banner there with a great subscription offer from my latest sponsor, Elle Interiør Norway. Click on over to their website, I'm sure you will love their style as much as I do! Here are a couple of pictures as a little taster:

New collection from DecorMaison

Swedish wallpaper company DecorMaison are releasing a new collection in September, called Oas, or Oasis in English. I really like the stylist's idea here, removing a wall from a camper van and placing them in different environments. One of the wallpapers look very much inspired by Orla Kiely, don't you think?

Saturday Sweets

Ok, so it's Sunday here already, but I just didn't have time for blogging yesterday! And who has ever said no to getting candy, no matter what day it is? I hope you enjoy this weeks eye candy!
Summer vacation is over for many of you, so I thought some office/work room pictures would be appropriate... It must be nice to go to work if it looks like this:

Photographer Mark Roper

Converted pasta factory in Marseille

A real Swedish home

I've recieved quite a lot of comments and emails lately about Swedish style, that it is so wonderful and everybody here must be born with a great sense of aestethics and so on. Well, that is not the case. The pictures I show here are in no way representative of what an average Swedish home looks like! If I were to show average homes, noone would want to read this blog...
Most people live in common boring apartments and haven't changed their sofas since 1998. They have curtains with ugly flowery prints, apricot walls and IKEA posters on their walls. But let's pretend that isn't the case! Let's make believe that the home below is an average Swedish home, shall we? It would be so wonderful if that was the case...
This IS a real home, but styled to be sold.

Another apartment by Anna Lilja

This is one of my favourite apartments ever! I found it again in Anna Lilja's portfolio. I believe this one is her previous home, in Copenhagen. I've seen it in several magazines throughout the years, including Elle Decoration UK, perhaps you've seen it too? If you haven't, prepare for a serious treat...

The home of decorator Anna Lilja

Do you find it hard to mix and match pieces from different styles and eras? Take a cue from interior designer and art director Anna Lilja! This is her Stockholm apartment with an awesome mix of 50's, 70's and modern furniture in an old house with soaring ceilings and huge windows letting lots of light in. The secret seems to be colour matching and confidence...

Anna also has a book coming out soon called HandMade (I want!). Here is a small sneak peak:

Saturday Sweets

A big bag of mixed eye candy, just different shots that don't really belong under any room category, but could go anywhere... Enjoy!