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Aeros Light by Ross Lovegrove

Internationally acclaimed designer Ross Lovegrove just designed a new ceiling light for Louis Poulsen, called Aeros. Actually, I think I like the styling and the gigantic windows in this picture more than the lamp itself, but I wanted to show it to you anyway.


  • Anna @ D16 says:

    Every single thing in that photo is perfect.

    Do you know who designed the chairs?

    2009-04-01 | 16:48:35
    URL: http://doorsixteen.com
  • respite&reverie says:

    I imagine the lamp would be especially gorgeous at night--with its cast shadows on the table below.

    2009-04-01 | 17:21:45
    URL: http://respiteandreverie.blogspot.com/
  • emma says:

    Sorry Anna, no idea who the designer is.

    2009-04-01 | 17:46:44
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Mónica (NiuTaller) says:

    I always visit your blog..I love it...I would like to live inside..

    2009-04-02 | 14:40:39
    URL: http://niutaller.blogspot.com
  • frenchblue says:


    your blog balances me. thank you for the adjustment!

    i love it so much. i agree with monica, i could move in here...i just found you from kimberly's blog.

    come visit me too when you can...



  • Emelié says:

    I really love the interior of that kitchen, i wish i could have the same at home. Keep up the good blogging.

    2009-04-03 | 15:29:24
    URL: http://www.toppspel.se
  • Mapiurka says:

    Great lamp!

    I love your blog,and I invite you to visit mine:


    Thanks and regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina

    2009-04-05 | 04:47:26
    URL: http://www.mapiurka.com.ar/
  • Kera Thompson says:

    i love that lamp...I think it would be so pretty at night.

    2009-04-17 | 01:02:25
    URL: http://www.runningmommy04.blogspot.com
  • FURNISH.etc says:

    Denna lampan är riktigt snygg!

    2009-05-13 | 17:58:55
    URL: http://furnish.blogg.se/

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