Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Natural tones and black beams in Denmark

Wallpapers again!

Seems I just can't turn around without finding new great wallpaper these days! This time from Sköna Hem's wallpaper special in the new October issue.

Photographer Petra Bindel

Some light and airy pictures from the portfolio of Swedish photographer Petra Bindel. Enjoy!

Designer Ditte Hammerstrøm

One of my favorite designers is Danish Ditte Hammerstrøm. Always innovative and refreshing, even a bit quirky but without crossing the boundary to the strange and overly arty. And the results are always very beautiful. I'm in love with her sofas, and the wonderfully cosy glowing blanket that doubles as a reading light.

Handmade wallpaper by Malin Björklund

I got an email today from Christina at Swedish fashion label and shop Mori & Mimosa. She had been reading my blog, and when she saw last weeks post on handmade wallpaper, she wanted to tell me about Malin Björklund, a Swedish surface pattern designer who makes her own handmade wallpapers. Her pretty wallpapers are completely drawn by hand, and if you buy it Malin will even come to your home and complete the patterns to make the transitions between the rolls totally seamless! Isn't that the most awesome service you have ever heard of?! The wallpapers are available in the Mori & Mimosa shop.

Saturday Sweets

Never under estimate the power of repetition.

Flickr Favourites Friday

It's getting darker. But when there is light, it's beautiful and glowing.

Saga, a new wallpaper collection from DecorMaison

Anyone fancy some Scandinavian forest creatures on their walls? I do, after seeing this brand new wallpaper from Swedish DecorMaison. I just got their new press release in my inbox, and they tell me they have created a whole collection of wallpapers inspred by both the mystical Middle East and the Western world adventures.  On their website you can view the other patterns in the Saga collection, where some are much more subtle and romantic, and others are bolder with a little retro touch.

RUM Interiør Design

There is this Danish design mag that I've been dying to read called RUM Interiør Design, but it doesn't seem to be available in Sweden... However, they do have an excellent web site with lots of news from the design world, trend forecasts, travel guides and last but not least, beautiful photos to drool over. Here are some examples:

Handmade Wallpaper

In my email this week: Handmade Wallpaper by Toronto-based designer Alex Stephan.

"Inspired by classical printmaking techniques such as woodcutting and lithography, We are using software to generate playful ornaments. As printing technique we prefer silkscreen printing over inkjet printers, but sometimes we need to use a digital printer to reproduce the level of detail in the designs.

Simplicity in color and fine contrasted parallel lines and high level of detail are our primary goals. Our main inspirations are the printmaker M.C. Escher, as well as Islamic patterns and the underlying science on how elements are ordered on a microscopic level. But some of the designs are less scientific but rather playful and a bit surreal.

Designed to decrease the hassle of maching up patterns and repeats, these wallpaper are easy to hang, since the strip repeats are random for some patterns and very flexible for the others."

Saturday Sweets

A bag of bedrooms is what I've got for you today.Many of them designed by my favorite stylist/designer Ilse Crawford. Enjoy!

Flickr Favourites Friday

I thought I'd give you a little different version of my Flickr Favourites Friday this time. Because today I want to highlight a single Flickrite called (Ku)nihito. She has a talent for making the ordinary into something very beautiful... Her photos look so simple, but I would think that she has put a lot of thoughts and hard work into them. I love her sense of aesthetics.

Kitchens from Det Mondæne Skur

I found this link to a very cool kitchen company while reading a post about German design mags on decor8. The company is called Det Mondæne Skur (I have no idea what that means), it's based in Denmark, and they build the most awesome kitchens! I've been dreaming of a kitchen like this for years, but I never knew that there actually exists a company who can make one for me... If I just had enough money that is. However, they have a picture gallery on their site with some great photos. And they have a webshop, so if you are looking for some cool kitchen equipment, click here.

Inspiration from Alcro

While I was going through the press archive at Alcro (one of the top paint companies in Sweden) I came across some very inspiring photos. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Bonbonkakku, a different kind of fabric shop

Bonbonkakku is a webshop with a very different range of fabrics. All of the patterns are designed by the site visitors! Just register, submit your design, and the patterns with the most votes gets put into production and are then available in the Bonbonkakku shop for 25€/meter. Here are some of the latest designs to make it to the store:

Pocket calendars by Sandra Juto

Don't miss Sandra's 2009 pocket calendars, grab one while they are hot, because they are sure to be gone soon!

Photographer Anne Naumann

German photographer Anne Naumann just updated her portfolio. Go check it out!

Stylist Carin Scheve

I'm starting this week off with some excellent styling by Carin Scheve. Enjoy!

A Stream of Light by Olivia Lee

Look at this beautiful "sofa" by Olivia Lee. It is a true piece of art. Even it's name; A Stream of Light, is beautiful.

This is what the artist writes about her piece:
"A Stream of Light is a reinterpretation of the classic sofa. It is based on a brief set by Vitra to produce a piece of furniture that is unencumbered by commercial constraints and takes inspiration from the latest Vitra Edition. This work was done in collaboration with good friend and colleague, Alienor de Chambrier."

work in progress

I'm working on my blog design, so the blog is going to look crazy tonight. But don't worry, it should all be OK in a couple of hours. I hope...

Update: Aah, it didn't work out the way I hoped for. I'm just not good with code. Or graphic design.
If anyone thinks it would be a fun little project to give this blog a much needed make-over, please feel free to contact me at emmas.blogg(a)hotmail.com. I don't have the possibility to pay anyone for this, but I would be forever grateful, and If you'd like, I'd give you a month of free advertising space here...

Another home from Sköna Hem

Totally loved this all white apartment in Helsingborg, in the southern parts of Sweden, also from this months Sköna Hem.

François Muracciole's Parisian home in latest Sköna Hem

Found this feature on architect François Muracciole's home in Paris, in the September issue of Swedish deco magazine Sköna Hem. The muted, natural colour scheme and the skillful mix of styles looks like it has had years to grow into this harmonious home.

New spaces on The Selby

To finish this weekend off in style, I think you should all visit The Selby and check out all of the stunning new spaces posted there. They really are amazing.

Ps. If anyone is interested, here is a link to some pictures from my Amsterdam trip last week.

Saturday Sweets

Ok, so It's Sunday already, but you know what it's like, the weekends are just too short... So let's pretend that today is Saturday! I was looking through my inspiration folder today, and found these pictures of nice and simple things one can do with felt, to make your life a little bit cosier. Just what I needed today, and I hope you'll like it too.

Filip's flat on Flickr

While I'm on flickr I might as well show you this absolutely wonderful apartment! This place belongs to a guy called Filip and it's located somewhere in Australia, and that is about all I know. You can find more pictures here.

Flickr Favourites

I'm home again. Trying to find a way to cope with the fact that I'm not in Amsterdam any more. Autumn has arrived here, it's cold now, almost time for gloves and a knitted hat. Time for long walks in the forest and even longer nights spent in front of the fireplace with a good book and hot chocolate spiced with rum. Time for lighting candles and cooking hearty stews. Time for staying inside watching movies and catching up with all the tv shows that you have put on hold during the summer. Can you tell that I'm trying to like Autumn? I'm a summer girl really, but I try real hard every year. Sometimes it actually works.

Limited edition art print by Petra Börner

Also in the mail today, this gorgeous limited edition art print by Swedish illustrator and designer Petra Börner, available at Bodie and Fou.

The Pure Hotel in Frankfurt

Just got the latest news from Designhotels.com in my inbox, and amongst the all the beautiful spaces they featured I found this little gem in Frankfurt, Germany. It's called The Pure, and when I read the copy on the site, I knew I have to visit some day. Hopefully soon.

"Based on the principles of flowing space characteristic of lofts, Frankfurt’s design hotel The Pure is a study in monochromatic relief from urban stress. The lobby, breakfast room, bar and lounge form one continuous space known as the "Living Room". White leather, Thassos marble, white lacquer and light grey flooring act both as design statements and as calmatives, creating a virtually distraction-free visual environment.

Conceived to highlight the natural rhythms of the day, The Pure’s lighting and music mutate from morning to night: morning features soft illumination and music to create calm, while at night the energy is bumped up by a vibrant orange-themed lighting scheme. The Pure Patio, outfitted in Timbertech decking, features oversized beanbags lounging areas, fountains, bamboo, and stairs designed for sitting and conversation, rather than climbing. Guestrooms continue the theme of openness, with minimalist lines and easy-on-the-eyes light fabrics, oak parquet and partial-glass bathrooms. However minimalist in concept, the execution is a relaxing, warm environment where guests can concentrate on what really matters."

Reporting from Amsterdam

Hi everyone! I'm feeling a lot better now, thank you for all your get well notes and messages!
And guess what, I'm in Amsterdam, my favourite city in the world! The days are pretty busy with shopping, so not much blogging will occur in the coming days, but I want to let you know about two art projects I stumbled over here in 'dam.

The first one is located in the Nine Streets area, and consists of several different parts scattered throughout this little neighbourhood. I saw some of them today, and a couple of them were very cool and well performed, while other could have used a little more work, or thought... You can see photos from one of them here, and read more about the project here.

The other art project is yet to be seen, I'm going to go and see it tomorow together with Pia and Riley whom I met on the blog meet that Holly arranged. (Thanks for a wonderful evening to everyone who was there, it was so nice to meet you all! Sorry if I seemed a little quiet and distant, but I was so tired from walking around the city for five hours, and from the cold I'm having, that I could barely find enough energy to sit up straight.)

This second art project is called ikikik! (mememe!) and is a collaboration between the Mediamatic Foundation and a group of Parisian artists/activists/fashion designers called Andrea Crews (their photo blog here).
The outline is something like this: Fill a room with huge piles of vintage clothes. Invite visitors to pick items and either create a new outfit for yourself (sewing, cutting and gluing) or let one of the artists create something for you. Doesn't it sound exciting? I'm so looking forward to tomorrow! If my clothes turn out ok, I'll show them to you here. I hope I get something as cool as this (photo from the mediamatic website):

Update! The designer who makes the outfits weren't there on the day we visited, so nothing was made. However, sweet Riley offered to go back on Wednesday and make me something and then send it over to me in Stockholm. Now isn't that great?! I'm so excited!

And speaking of fashion, check out Riley's fab clothing line; jackson, johnston & roe! I'm in love with the jacket and blouse in these photos:

In the meantime...

Sorry about the sparse postings here, but I'm down with a cold. And with a head full of fever and snot I'm not at my most creative... Until I recover, check this out:

New collection by Atelier R. Bernier

"Keep calm and Rock on" poster at the Poster List

New paint collection by Alcro, made by kids for kids.

Art and fashion photography for sale at Photographers Limited Editions