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The Gallery kitchen by Anna Irinarchos

I've shown you this kitchen before, but since it is my absolute dream kitchen, I want to show it to you again, this time built in an apartment in the city of Luleå in northern Sweden and featured in Sköna Hem. It's called Gallery, and was designed as a graduation project in Anna Irinarchos' last year at Beckmans Design School. It has since been snapped up by one of Sweden's largest kitchen manufacturers; Marbodal, and will be in production next year.
The genius thing about this kitchen is the combination of open recesses (lit by built in led spotlights) for displaying your favorite china, and the option to hide the rest behind the cupboard doors. The holes in the doors also function as handles.


  • Lisa says:

    Det är så sjuukt snyggy!!

    2008-10-08 | 23:43:05
  • mette/ungt blod says:

    I ABSOLUTLY LOVE THIS KITCHEN! i want to find out how i can do this to my kitchen! i want this kitchen! i want it now!!! thanks for putting this dream in my head :)

    2008-10-09 | 16:02:58
    URL: http://blog.ungtblod.com
  • Ann says:

    I really love the contrast of the white exterior with the wood grain interior.

    2008-10-09 | 18:20:13
    URL: http://annporter.wordpress.com
  • Tjohalias blogg om inredning says:

    Vilket vackert kök!

    Trevlig helg, kram Sandra

    2008-10-10 | 22:04:58
    URL: http://tjohalia.se
  • lina says:

    mitt drömkök med. en dag kanske. jag har flyttat, välkommen dit. men efter helgen, jag försöker flytta över allt gammalt dit

    2008-10-11 | 15:58:54
    URL: http://misscloudberry.blogspot.com/
  • Sofie says:

    Låter finfint. Har älskat det köket sen jag såg det för första gången.

    2008-10-12 | 21:05:11
    URL: http://soof.wordpress.com
  • Petra says:

    I've just learned that Marbodal will start selling this kitchen from September 1st. So I will book a meeting with them no later than September 2nd. :-)

    2009-07-07 | 08:45:36

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