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Saturday Sweets

And now, how about a big bag of fresh eye candy? My folder with home offices/studios is soon about to overflow, so I'd like to post some of the most inspiring pictures from that folder today. Enjoy!


  • Tina says:

    I'm so jealous of all these beautiful work spaces. I think I have to do something with mine.

    2008-10-04 | 20:35:19
    URL: http://www.afewprettythings.blogspot.com
  • John says:

    Wonderful pictures!

    2008-10-04 | 22:25:15
    URL: http://www.furniturestoreblog.com
  • Frida Berglund says:

    Åh jag vill ha den där code basket på sista bilden (från Asplunds) Nu! :-)

    2008-10-04 | 23:49:43
    URL: http://husmusen.blogg.se/
  • jimin says:

    it is so inspiring, beautiful office space images.

    you always post the best images. thank you.

    2008-10-08 | 02:02:10
    URL: http://www.smallvillestudio.blogspot.com
  • joanna goddard says:

    BEAUTIFUL. i love all of these. thank you for sharing, emma!

  • Amy says:

    I love the pipe base on the work table in the second picture. Awesome.

    2008-10-10 | 00:13:09
    URL: http://westeggdesign.blogspot.com
  • genevieve says:

    I am putting together a new work studio this week and I am staring at my empty room wondering how best to use this space...thanks for the great inspirations!

    2008-10-10 | 20:50:27
    URL: http://tellyoutoday.blogspot.com/
  • adi blum sartori says:

    everything is so nice thanks for sharing.

    i would like to know where i can buy the white chair which is in the last picture

    2008-12-12 | 20:31:16
  • susan Edelstein says:

    Wonderful images. Very inspirational.

    2008-12-20 | 18:19:12

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