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I'm sorry about the lack of updates here lately, but I'm in some kind of a funk right now. Things aren't happening the way I want them to, and some of the people I care about are going through rough times, so I'm feeling kind of low and out of inspiration at the moment. So while I take the day off to go out to the garage and and hit the punching bag to get some adrenaline flowing, please take some time to explore some of the blogs I turn to to get in a better mood:

design is mine
Door Sixteen
fine little day


  • Tilda B. Hervé says:

    dear emma, take care and time! big umarmelung! tilda

    2008-10-28 | 13:19:52
    URL: http://madameherve.typepad.com
  • Carolina says:

    Hi Emma! I just wanted to say hi from Chile! Maybe you'll feel a little cheer up by knowing you inspire people from a country far away as mine! Thanks for your posts, finds and pictures!

    Take care and hit that punching bag!!!!!

    kind regards!!!

    2008-10-28 | 14:30:16
  • Biba says:

    Hi Emma, i hope you feel better about things soon. Thanks for the blog links and eye candy :)

    2008-10-28 | 14:56:07
    URL: http://www.inspirationbubble.blogspot.com
  • Sub-Studio says:

    Hope you feel better soon!

    2008-10-28 | 15:26:41
    URL: http://blog.sub-studio.com
  • MsUnreliable says:

    I definitely know how you feel, but just when you least expect it, things will turn around and you and your friends will be back on track again. All the best!

    2008-10-28 | 16:44:12
    URL: http://thatunreliablegirl.blogspot.com
  • anne says:

    hey there, emma! get well soon and have fun hitting that punching ball ;)

    2008-10-28 | 18:45:31
    URL: http://strandgut.visualblogging.com
  • Anonym says:

    Hoppas det hjälper att banka och att det styr upp sig snart och du mår bättre.

    2008-10-28 | 20:27:40
    URL: http://agatonblixa.blogspot.com/
  • Lindsay Brown says:

    If it's any consolation, I check your blog every day to cheer me up. And I thought you should know my design partner and I voted for you in the Best Blogs competition... PS Don't hurt your hand!

    2008-10-28 | 23:46:11
    URL: http://blog.ounodesign.com
  • Bess says:

    Hi Emma, I just felt compelled to send you a message as I've been reading your blog almost daily now for a while. I hope life turns around soon, and that you get a few good punches in! Take care

    2008-10-29 | 13:35:59
    URL: http://www.englishmuffinblog.blogspot.com
  • niki says:

    Hej emma, jag läste på någons blogg att du arbetat som inredningsassistent.. jag skulle vilja veta lite mer om det, vad du fick göra, hur du fick jobbet osv. vore jätteglad om du hade tid och lust att svara mig :) du kan gärna maila på nikiulricsson@hotmail.com

    2008-10-29 | 15:21:39
  • josephine says:

    emma, i totally know how you feel. i'm in the same spot right now. can u throw in a few good punches for me as well?

    if it helps, i've been a long-time fan of your inspiring blog.

    2008-10-29 | 18:16:21
    URL: http://redthreadperweek.blogspot.com/
  • Pethra på Inredningsbloggen says:

    Hoppas Du mår bättre nu och att det hjälper att slå på boxningspåsen. Kram.

    2008-11-03 | 14:09:36
    URL: http://inredningsbloggen.blogg.se/

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