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Dan-ah Kim, new artist on L'Affiche Moderne

I just got an email from L'Affiche Moderne, a great webshop for modern art posters, introducing one of their new artists; Dan-ah Kim.
Dan-ah Kim was born in Seoul, Korea, moved to Mexico, then spent time on both coasts of the USA before coming to New York and graduating from the prestigious Pratt Institute. It’s no wonder then that she has been so influenced by these various cultures and voyages and that her work has been so impregnated with an intense sense of wanderlust, escape and freedom. An important element of the work of this mixed media artist has been a love for layers with separated materials, using ink, paint, paper, and thread. The artist aims to make each painting a frame for a story, with heroines in familiar or unnatural worlds.

This poster, entitled When the world sleeps, immediately gave me some very strong emotions, and I love how it captures so much of what Autumn means to me. I can really feel the chill of the strong wind, and the smell of rain clouds and decaying leaves as I look at this. It also reminds me of the many long drives in the countryside I used to take with my ex boyfriend. Does it affect you as strongly as it did me? If so, I'd love to hear what kind of feelings it evokes in you!


  • Anon says:

    I'd actually leave out the bottom part (with the figure and the car). I love the dark colors and swirls in the top part.

    2008-10-23 | 22:09:42
  • Anonym says:

    Åh, jag tycker att Dan-ah Kim är fantastisk! Jag köpte hennes "I kept missing your train"-tryck på Etsy i våras. Det förgyller mina frukostar i köket.

    Emma, du är otroligt duktig på att hitta och sätta ihop vackra bilder: Dagens Eye Candy var, som alltid, helt ljuvligt! Trevlig helg /Emmie

    2008-10-24 | 08:23:36
    URL: http://ellmania.blogspot.com

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