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1002 Spoons, an exhibition by Jurgen Lehl

Remember last year when everyone all over blogland were totally crazy about spoons? They were all over the place, on flickr and on every design and photo blog i clicked to! Now there is this exhibition in Japan, by German artist Jurgen Lehl, and maybe this will set the craze off again... Just look at all those lovely spoons!

Find Jurgen's blog here, homepage here and webshop here.

New and old, elaborately carved and simple, big and small, carved from wood, coconut, horn, shell and bamboo, made of iron, brass and gourd, hammered from silver, copper, bronze and stainless steel, salt spoons, tea spoons, ceremonial spoons, tea ceremony spoons, serving spoons, ladles, and jewelry made of spoons. Many were designed and made especially for this show, while others were found in Vietnam, China, Japan, Indonesia, Timor, the Philippines, Korea, India, Africa and Europe. The Exhibition will be shown at the Jurgen Lehl Babaguri store in Tokyo and will travel throughout Japan.


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