Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Summer inspiration from Sköna Hem

The new issue of Sköna Hem is hitting the streets right now, and here are some highlights!


  • simplygrove says:

    LOVE the bedroom!!!

    2008-05-28 | 19:58:47
    URL: http://simlygrove.blogspot.com
  • Veronica says:

    Wow! You have such a great eye - I just found your blog and I looooove it!

    - Veronica

    2008-05-29 | 00:01:08
    URL: http://www.designsprout.com
  • Design for Mankind says:

    Eek! I love your blog! :)

    2008-05-29 | 03:29:31
    URL: http://www.designformankind.com
  • Stéphanie says:

    What a nice blog! I don't know how I arrived on your blog... But, I have been traveling in your blog for half an hour now ! Congrats!! It's great !

    Stéphanie from Paris

    2008-05-29 | 16:42:26
    URL: http://bibousp.over-blog.com/
  • AshleyL. says:

    those are incredible pictures! i love all of the color!

    i'm a new reader and i find your blog very inspiring! :)

    2008-06-01 | 07:13:19
    URL: http://www.ashleylaurencheney.blogspot.com
  • ChrysRT says:

    I love your blog, you have great test! Love this post! I could live in this house!

    Got your address through Decor8 since then you are on my fav design blogs list!


    Currently living in Australia

    2008-06-04 | 03:05:32

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