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Konstfack Graduation Show 2008

Stockholm is boiling with creative energy at the moment, as all of the Art and Design schools are holding graduation shows right now! Today I went to the Masters exhibition at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. I saw lots of very innovative things made by tomorrows big Swedish designers, and can't wait to share some of it with you! So here we go, enjoy a few of my favourites from this show:

Ana Sikuljak in front of her crazy colourful narrative wallpaper, so full of details I could have spent hours looking at it and still not have seen it all.

Olle Toftenow's shirt with another shirt photo printed on it. I fell completely in love with this project, especially this shirt, a silk dress with printed frills and a long sleeved cotton t-shirt with the print of a knitted wool sweater.

Hedvig af Ekenstam's Knitted Radiators, mobile and flexible radiators made out of heating cables.

Hanna Hedman's exquisite jewellery. You should see this in person, it is so amazing!

Sofia Enbom's layered curtains/separators is another thing that is so much better irl. The play with light and shadows is so beautiful, and you can draw the curtains to different sides to alter the colours, lightflow and patterns. Truly talented!


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