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Some kitchens for you all, but mostly for Lisa who is redecorating her kitchen soon and asked for some inspiration, preferably with a 40's touch. Now, I don't know if I succeeded on the 40's part, but I tried to make it a little "retro meets modern". Enjoy!


  • Janne says:

    Those cake things up on the wall look amazing! Great idea. Great photos all around :-)

    2008-05-10 | 23:35:35
    URL: http://whatsbloggingmyview.blogspot.com/
  • Frida/Husmusen says:

    Vilken kul idé med sockerkaksformarna!

    2008-05-11 | 00:14:49
    URL: http://husmusen.blogg.se/
  • simplygrove says:

    I love the kitchen with the black & white floor and the gorgeous roman shades!! Great post!

    2008-05-11 | 04:59:07
    URL: http://simlygrove.blogspot.com
  • sara says:

    love them all

    2008-05-11 | 07:53:20
  • Katrine K says:

    For et fantastisk kjøkken, dette liker jeg! Hm, vi holder akkurat på å pusse opp kjøkkenet...

    2008-05-11 | 13:05:23
    URL: http://katrinek.typepad.com
  • Pethra på Inredningsbloggen says:

    Åh, vilka härliga bilder! Jag gillar speciellt kakburkarna på väggen och den rosa dörren. Mums!

    2008-05-11 | 17:03:51
    URL: http://inredningsbloggen.blogg.se/
  • Broarne says:

    Kul idé med kakformarna på väggen. Lite trist för figuren kanske om man skulle få för sig att använda dem också...


    2008-05-11 | 17:54:16
    URL: http://www.broarne.se
  • Lisa says:

    Ååå tackelitack. Jättte fina!

    2008-05-11 | 21:27:46
  • read me... says:

    ooh, i LOVE kitchens...

    2008-05-12 | 22:54:42
    URL: http://kandpreadme.blogspot.com/
  • John says:

    I really like the boxy light fixtures on top of the dining table in one of the pictures.

    2008-05-13 | 01:23:10
    URL: http://www.furniturestoreblog.com
  • Nilla says:

    Härliga kök och kul med kakformarna på väggen! Ha det gott.

    2008-05-19 | 18:46:19
    URL: http://tankebubblor.blogg.se/
  • nyc/caribbean ragazza says:

    I just moved to Rome from Los Angeles and I am trying to figure out how to fit everything from a large kitchen into a small kitchenette.

    There photos are very helpful! (and beautiful)

    2008-05-20 | 10:18:58
    URL: http://www.sistergirltales.blogspot.com
  • Terry says:

    Some nice photos there, I have been thinking of revamping my house and some of these pictures have inspired me. Thank you.

    2008-06-29 | 22:47:06
    URL: http://www.shopastop.co.uk
  • Janie says:

    I agree, you have took some nice photos there

    2008-08-19 | 19:10:50
    URL: http://www.discountpromotionalcodes.co.uk
  • Limy says:

    I come from China,Iam a editor "Home Decoration",I just want use your pictures in the magazine,Thank you very much!Please contact me as soon as possible.

    2008-08-29 | 05:57:55

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