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New organic food range from ICA

ICA is one of the largest food store chains in Sweden, and this week they are launching a new product range called I Love ECO, consisting of organic food, and some are even Fair Trade. Ok, so now you are wondering why I am writing about this?
Well, firstly because I like the packaging, designed by Identity Works, it looks good enough to get a place in my pantry (without the need of pouring the contents into a new container, which I usually do). Also, the packaging is actually informative! It has little texts on how the product tastes, what you can use it for, and even some short recipes.

The second reason I am blogging this is of course the fact I am very interested in ecological, organic products, and feel that a green lifestyle should be encouraged and promoted. The fact that this big food store chain is taking a step in the right direction is worth noticing.

One thing that bugs me though is the fact that not all products are presented with its sugar content. Sure, they say it contains sugar, but exactly how much is impossible to find out! Now that really bothers me, and makes me think twice about serving it to my kids. This is not the case on all the products though, luckily.



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