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Since it's raining...

The nice summer weather is gone again and I'm stuck at home watching the rain, and I've run out of bingo credits over at Facebook, so figured I might as well give you something pretty to look at!

Found this great site over at the blog 2 or 3 things I know, it's called The Selby, and it features photos from 12 different apartments in New York city. What I love about it is that these homes are all so very personal, you can tell that there are some truly creative people living there. It's not your usual over styled and super clean interior photos, but liveable spaces for real persons, all lovingly portrayed through the lense of Todd Selby.


  • vlaa says:

    Oh, these homes are soo beautiful! And I'm really happy to see something new here... I've been missing your posts a bit... :P

    2008-07-22 | 00:19:50
  • Anna @ D16 says:

    I'm so excited to see a post from you! I've been missing your blog very much.

    2008-07-22 | 03:51:20
    URL: http://www.doorsixteen.com
  • Tasneem Noor says:

    yay i'm so glad youre back!! Been missing your posts!

    :) tas

    2008-07-22 | 03:57:28
    URL: http://www.tasjoakim.blogspot.com
  • A Merry Mishap says:

    Yes, they are very personal & creative looking. This is why I love seeing others' homes...it's an expression of who they are!

    2008-07-22 | 20:45:15
    URL: http://amerrymishap.blogspot.com
  • mariana says:

    nice blog! this is my first time here

    I will put a link from my blog I hope you think thats ok otherwise contact me!

    ha de så gott


    2008-07-23 | 09:58:07
    URL: http://www.marianaskeramik.blogspot.com/
  • Marielle says:

    Grattis på namnsdagen! :-)

    2008-07-23 | 12:03:05
    URL: http://marielletorgersson.blogg.se/
  • malo says:

    De är fantastiska de där hemmen. Och bilderna. Vilken inspiration! Nu är det värme igen så jag antar att det dröjer ett tag innan du postar igen. Men du är efterlängtad..

    2008-07-26 | 00:16:27
    URL: http://maloblogg.blogspot.com
  • Ellas Inspiration says:

    Great images! I love the mix.

    BR Karin

    2008-07-28 | 00:25:58
    URL: http://ellasinspiration.blogg.se/
  • sara says:

    fint rum det där

    2008-07-28 | 10:18:36
    URL: http://happysilly.blogspot.com
  • Nilla says:

    Ha en fortsatt skön sommar!

    2008-07-29 | 17:05:34
    URL: http://tankebubblor.blogg.se/
  • Lisa says:

    Cool stuff

    2008-07-30 | 09:59:09
    URL: http://pinkfriday.blogg.se/
  • Pethra på Inredningsbloggen says:

    Hoppas Du har det bra! Saknar Dina inlägg!Tjolahopp, njut av sommaren!

    2008-07-30 | 20:06:42
    URL: http://inredningsbloggen.blogg.se/
  • lillie says:

    i too loved the personal feeling of the selby images! particularly the photos from the shoot of that first photo you have. these are clearly living&real&creative spaces, unlike the propped/staged feel of many (albeit gorgeous) interior shots in mags.

    2008-07-31 | 08:35:26
    URL: http://lillieinthecity.blogspot.com
  • Annette says:

    YOU MUST HAVE BEEN READING MY MIND! I JUST did a blog review on "The Selby" because I've been a huge fan of his site for a long time!

    Love your site. Neon Polish.com

    2008-08-04 | 18:41:09
    URL: http://www.neonpolish.com

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