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Textiles and ceramics exhibition at Kaolin

Keramikgruppen Kaolin is a genuine group of ceramists founded in 1978. Since the beginning they are located in Hornsgatan 50, near Mariatorget in Stockholm, where they together run both a shop and a gallery. Today, the group has fifteen potters working with unique handicraft, including utility goods as well as unique objects and sculpture in their own workshops all over the country. In their beautiful gallery they show one-man exhibitions by the members and also invite exciting exhibitors from both Sweden and abroad.
The name KAOLIN emanates from a place in China, a mountain called Gaoling, where the important kaolin clay was found, a pure fine-grained white clay forming part of both clay and glaze.

The first show this year is a coexhibit by designer and textile artist Ulrika Mårtensson and ceramist Eva Hedberg. The show is an experiment of what can happen when you put together two very skilled visual artist working in different materials, and what their work can give to each other in a mutual space. While Ulrika has been working with common white fabric, and Eva with stoneware, both of their works have a sense of play between light, shadows and darkness in common.

The exhibition will only show until the end of the month, so hurry if you want to see it!



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