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Lampshades by Veronica Eklund

These hand blown glass shades are called Well-known Untold and are designed by Veronica Eklund as a project in her education at Beckmans School of Design, but are now being produced by Konguro Art Glass. They take their starting point from opal white glass lamps that are commonly seen in bathrooms and kitchens around Sweden, but end up as something completely different...

This is what Veronica says about her lamps:
"I have designed lampshades for indoor and outdoor lighting that can be used with various standard fittings. I have experimented with shape, light and space, were the lampshade is changing with the environment in which it is used and can continue to develop in new contexts, both conceptually and visually."



  • hildA de schutter says:

    this is a fun idea, I love it when people alter ordinary everyday objects

    2008-01-24 | 18:36:53
    URL: http://hildadeschutter.blogspot.com
  • tom hastings says:

    where can I buy one of Veronica Eklunds' lampshades?

    2008-01-24 | 19:40:31
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Tom, I'm sorry but I have no idea where to get them! Perhaps you can ask the people at Konguro?

    2008-01-25 | 17:54:34
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se

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