Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Karin Sehnert, ceramist

I found the work of Karin Sehnert at the craft2eu site, and thought it was really cool. Karin has to make time in order to produce her tiny exclusive collection of "good spirits" in her own small workshop. Her "day job" is in production design for industry, having first completed studying how to paint on china and a degree at the University of the Arts in Halle - Burg Giebichenstein.
In the top photo below you can see her Lucky Charms, with powerful words like Love, Courage and Energy written in German. These qualities are supposed to transcribe to the carrier of the charm. The middle pic is of her toothpick holders, and below is her porcelain thermos flasks for milk and water.

Craft2eu is an agency and gallery for European arts and crafts, and you can shop directly from their site.



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