Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Aiko Machida, artist

Fantastic leather artwork by artist Aiko Machida. This is what she has to say about her work:

- I make bags for wearing. not so much for carrying things in. They are as aesthetically perfect as I can make them. Clothes have to fit, but accessories don't. I see my accessories as clothes that don't have to fit, which will suit all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons.

My another collection follows the logic of different materials for different functions, I radically changes what object should be like. Using two materials in a new way creates not only surprise but a new function and a new meaning.

I use leather instead of wood because it looks similar but it performs differently. I am interested in both the tactile and the visual, and the gap between these: can one be distinguished from the other? Deceiving both sight and touch creates an element of surprise, of subversion. Working somewhat in the trompe l'oeil tradition, but in three dimensions, I transform furniture (lamps, chairs, interior fittings) and instruments (a piano). I deceive your eyes, your expectations of materials, and your "common sense" - and in this way challenges preconceptions and cultural norms.

Deception produces confusion, agitation or the feeling that one is being played with, whereas "to see is to understand".



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