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5 New Names

Yes, that is the title of the first exhibtion of the year at Konsthantverkarna (The Craftsmen) in Stockholm. The exhibit runs between 19.01 and 13.02 and shows arts and crafts from the five new members of 2008 who are: Esmé Alexander (glass), Inger Andersson (ceramics, concrete, glass), Petra Mandal (silver), Tina Olsson (textiles) and August Sörensson (ceramics).

Konsthantverkarna was formed in 1951 and is now the oldest, and biggest, co-operative of proffessional craftsmen in Sweden. Each member represents good quality and new ways of thinking, and almost all of them have undergone four to six years of training at the School of Arts, Crafts and Design or similar.

Proppen, candlestick by August Sörensson

Cykloper i mörker, brooches in acrylic by Petra Mandal

Kalas, cake stands by Esmé Alexander


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