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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2008, 1

I thought I would start by doing some posts on what I saw on the fair that especially caught my interest. There will be a more extensive report later when I've gotten all my photos sorted out and edited.

But first I want to tell you that I went to listen to Ilse Crawford discussing the design process with David Carlson and Peer Eriksson from Designboost. Ilse Crawford is the woman who started British Elle Decoration in 1989, and after that went on to work as an interior designer for big projects like the Soho House Hotel in New York, and Mathias Dahlgren's luxurious restaurants at Grand Hotel in Stockholm.

As I waited for them to start, I sat down on a bench next to an older gentleman. When I looked closer I realised that I was in fact sitting next to Mr Giulio Cappellini, the fair's guest of honour who had also designed the "Magic Forest" that we were sitting in! For those of you who don't recognise his name, I can tell you that he is to the design world as Giorgio Armani is to the fashion world. A legend.

But enough of the star gazing already, what I wanted to say was that Ilse was fantastically inspiring to listen to. She told us about how she works, the stories and feelings she carefully plans when starting to work on a project or a design.
For example, she talked about a lamp that she had recently designed, and the process of how it came to look as it does; she sat down with her colleagues one night and they all started brainstorming on what kind of feelings you wanted at that moment, when the sun has set, it's getting a bit chilly and you are tired. They decided that what you are looking for is something quite sturdy to hold on to, to take you through the night, and nothing too high-tec. It has to feel cozy and comforting, and that was the starting point of the design. First after that they started thinking in terms of shape, materials and colours.
Doesn't that sound like a great approach to the design process? So human and functional!

But now I'll start with the postings!


  • Hemmarikets Charlotte says:

    Since I missed the event myself this year I will look for your upcoming reports every day. I sounds promising already when you were able to take som pics...

    2008-02-10 | 20:42:52
    URL: http://hemmariket.blogg.se

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