Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Photographer Stellan Herner, 2

I know, I know, I have already written about Stellan Herner before, but he IS SO GOOD I had to post some more of his work here! These are from his agent, Skarp.



  • Anonym says:

    It's absolute heaven! The lights, the horns, the drawings on the walls, the birds, the whiteness... it's all beautiful. Thanks Emma for such a brilliant read/look xx

    2008-02-18 | 21:45:17
  • Lisa , Rut & Gunda says:

    Som inredningsgalen är din blogg himmelriket. Tack för inspirationen & att du tar dig tid att visa allt vackert.


    2008-02-19 | 12:28:45
    URL: http://www.krutrut.com
  • jenny says:

    Gillar verkligen den sista bilden, helt undebart. Jag kan hålla med Lisa - din blogg är rena himmelriket oh man får mycket inspiration härifrån. Fortsätt med det, tjejen!

    2008-02-26 | 21:46:10
    URL: http://jennyk.blogg.se
  • Antonmaja says:

    I came upon this site a while back, I love it. It is great for anyone who interested in this subject. It is in my favorites. Thanks, you done a superb job!

    2008-09-04 | 10:37:12
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