Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Dala horse lounge pillow

This hand embroidered lounge pillow in the shape of a traditional Swedish Dala horse is designed by Linus Kjellqvist, founder and designer at Skräddaregatan.

With tradition at heart and a design that has persisted for centuries, Skräddaregatan have created a playful lounge pillow using natural materials and skillful Swedish craftmanship reflecting the Dala horse's history as an over 400 years old symbol for Sweden. The materials are high quality worsted yarn, decorated with embroidered flowers made of variegated pearl cotton. The cotton is crocheted together for added thickness and an increased colour impression, with the filling consisting of coconut fiber. All materials are 100% recyclable, a concept that fits well with a sustainable product life cycle and a responsible Swedish way of life.



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