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Win a Norm 69 light!

Here is your chance to win the classic Danish designer light Norm 69, designed by Simon Karkov in 1969 and now manufactured by Normann Copenhagen!

It is my new sponsor, Swedish (but with international shipping) web shop Vit Design who are so generous as to contribute with the prize in this competition, a 60 cm diameter Norm 69. Vit Design has made a special niche for themselves in the jungle of web shops out there, because they are selling only white products! Perfect for those among you who love the minimalist Scandi style.

Here is how the competition works:
1. Go to the Vit Design site, browse the shop to find your favourite product.
2. Come back here and write about it in the comments to this post.
3. I will randomly pick a winner next thursday, March 6.
4. One lucky winner will recieve a package of 69 pieces of plastic in their mail box, and have a night on the couch with a super stylish puzzle. :-)

Here are some pics to get you inspired, hopefully your home will look just as stylish when you have won!


Photographer Sylvie Becquet

Illustrator Kavel Rafferty

I first got introduced to Kavel Rafferty's work at the BoBo Gallery, and immediately fell for it's feminine but still kind of edgy charm. Last week I got an email from Kavel, and had a look at her website, and found so much more nice stuff I felt I had to show you! If you want to see more, please visit Kavel here.

Kavel has worked for lots of great companies including Elle Deco, Ted Baker, Bust Magazine and Penguin Books, and is a regular contributor to Swedish high-end fashion magazine Bon. If you feel like owning a piece of her art it is available as paintings or postcards at Designtorget, The BoBo Gallery and Designista.


Stylist Sasa Antic

I got an email from Swedish stylist Sasa Antic, the man behind the Trends 2008 pictures I blogged here. He told me that his site is finally finished, so now you can browse his previous projects online! This guy sure has a talent for arranging nice pics, I wish I could work with him for a day to find out what goes on in his mind and how gets it all so perfect.

The first photos here are from the apartment of his business partner Nadia Tolstoy, doesn't it look great? I love the simple base and industrial details together with the more relaxed and humorous features. The circus lights and the clever shoe storage solution are great!


Now this is a home in Paris, styled for Swedish newspaper Svd.


The latest issue of Sköna Hem

Here you are, some inspirational pictures from the latest issue of Swedish magazine Sköna Hem, focusing on quick kitchen make-overs, new trends for 2008 and tips for organizing your entrance area. Enjoy!


Photographer Sam McAdam

I figured you might like these photos by Sam McAdam, because I sure do! Sam is an Australian photographer who has Notebook Magazine and Australian Interiors on his list of previous missions, but that is about all the info I can find on Sam.


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In order to keep this blog going I have decided to take in some sponsors to help me finance the costs, time and effort that I'm putting in. The blog is now in a very expansive stage, with over 5000 hits every day and growing, making it the largest interiors blog in Sweden. With readers from all over the world, all very interested in design, new products and shops, the audience is a great target for your company!


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email me at emmas.blogg@hotmail.com for rates and a more extensive insight on the statistics.

I would like to take this moment to thank everyone who has helped this blog become what it is today. So thank you to all my great readers, and all of the inspiring bloggers out there!

Measuring Lamps

I have a love for old worn tape measurers and keep a few lying around my flat just for decoration. That is why I love these Measuring Lamps by Chrissy Angliker! What a great way to use the graphic patterns that occur when you play with tape measurers! In my home they are mostly turned into volcanos by my kids...


Saturday Sweets

It's time for Eye Candy again! This week I have focused on the details in your decor that makes your home feel like yours and noone elses, the features that makes you smile and other people remember your house. You don't need many of these statement pieces, and they certainly don't have to be expensive, just totally unexpected!


Friday Flickr Favorites


Photographer Rene Mesman

Dutch photographer Rene Mesman shoots gorgeous pictures, using the light in a way that reminds me of the old masters. Rene's work has previously been seen in Elle, Elle Decoration, Nike ads, AD Magazine and Residence, amongst others.


Vases by Studio Mango

I recieved this email from Paul Hendrikx at Studio Mango the other day:
"On a visit to the European florist competition in Brussels we spoke to some of the winning flower decorating artist and told them we worked in the field of product design. Almost immediately the complaints started about the fact that all flower vases were the same, the only differences were that every season they had different prints on them. The florists challenged us to make some designs for flowers which enabled them and all other people to "play" more with flowers. This was the start of the Studio Mango vase collection which is now sold in over 60 countries in the world and ever expanded."

Take a look at their fresh and innovative vases!


Photographer Stellan Herner, 2

I know, I know, I have already written about Stellan Herner before, but he IS SO GOOD I had to post some more of his work here! These are from his agent, Skarp.


Hotel Convent de la Missió

If I was ever going to Majorca, the Hotel Convent de la Missió is where I would stay, located in Palma's Old Town. The hotel used to be a monestary and stands next to the church with the same name. Nowadays it has been carefully rebuilt into a luxury hotel with a fine restaurant, bar, pool, sauna, chapel, wine cellar and anything else you could wish for. It even comes with it's own art gallery!


Svärmor by Lisa Bengtsson

Lisa Bengtsson, famous for her framepatterned wallpaper Familjen, has released a new pattern called Svärmor (= Mother in law), featuring black and white shoes. Wouldn't this be perfect for a walk in closet?


Storage Inspirations

A little kitchen storage inspiration from Living Etc to get you in the mood for the big Spring cleaning!


Saturday Sweets

Feeling monochromatic.


Friday Flickr Favorites

Yay, it's Friday again! Here is a little something to get you inspired for the weekend...


Stockholm Furniture Fair 2008, pictures 2

This is the second batch of photos from the Furniture Fair. Unfortunately I left most of my brochures and business cards at a friends house, so I will have to update with the sources for some of the products another day. Until then, enjoy!

This was one of my favourites at the fair, a shoe rack named Skorder (I believe it is a word game mixing the words sko  = shoe and order). The insides of the boxes are covered in gold leaf. I've never seen a more beautiful shoe rack! It is made by Johanna Eliason, and if you would like to know more, feel free to contact Johanna at johanna.eliason@gmail.com

Glowing lounge chair by xxx

BirdLight by Chen & Karlsson

Chairs by xxxx

Your Space My Cube, Turku University, Finland

Clip clothes hangers by xxx, another of my favorite products.

Trashcans by Dear Clou

A foldable combination of stool and high chair for babies, by xxx. A very easy to use construction fastened with strong magnets, so you just flip it the way you want it and it stays that way until you change it back.

Neon light by xxx

Origami paper necklace by Ida Wallgren, Linköpings Universitet

Ny Svensk Slöjd

Ny Svensk Slöjd (= New Swedish Crafts) was founded by Tim Alpen, Erik Björk and Mattias Karlsson, all based in Stockholm, Sweden. At the Stockholm furniture fair 2008 the group displayed their first collection of everyday objects, a birch log strip light, a windsor loveseat, shelf system, chairs, a lamp, and a coat hanger all made by the concept of bringing new design out of old handicraft.

Their furniture struck me as very authentic and well-made, but with a touch of the modern minimalistic style that Scandinavia has become so famous for. Modern meets traditional is a good way to describe it. Or as they say: "A collection where the plane meets the computer".

I totally fell in love with the coatrack! Uh, stupid does that sound?! Well, I trust that you are as much of design freaks as I am, so you will hopefully understand what I mean...


Katarina Andersson, designer

Modern, scandi-style interior products by Katarina Andersson, a Swedish designer who has worked with IIttala, Design House Stockholm and Villeroy & Boch.


Hi everyone!

I discovered that I've gotten a lot of new readers in the last couple of days. Actually, my visitors count have doubled! I'm very happy to be reaching such a big audience of course, but also very curious of where you all come from, who you are and what got you to visit my blog?

I hope you are enjoying what you see, please feel free to browse the archives in the right column to find my older posts and get a feel for what I'm into. Welcome to all my new readers (and the old ones of course)! If you like, please leave a comment and tell me a little about who you are and how you found me!

House of Light

I also spotted this great pendant light from House of Light at the fair. I have wanted a cluster of light bulbs for years now, but I am convinced that there has to be a way of making one yourself, I just haven't figured it out yet...

As for the bottom picture, wouldn't it be great if this was possible in real life, to put a nicely designed indoor lamp outside in the garden? For safety reasons though, I wouldn't recommend it.


Odds and ends from the fair

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2008, pictures 1

Here are the first of my photos from the Furniture Fair! It is taking me longer than I planned to edit them, so you will get more tomorrow.

The DesignBoom Mart

Malmstens school

Pattern Swedish frogs and toads by Katarina Hamilton

Modern Swedish furniture from SB Nord

Forgot the source of this one, sorry.

Soft Walls Labyrinth, textile art by Synnöve Mork

I believe this is from Frösö Handtryck

The Craft Café exhibition by Stephen Burks

Friday Flickr Favorites

It's flickr friday again, and I'm leaving Stockholm in a couple of hours for a weekend of this:


Lovi, flatpacks

Lovi is a small Finnish company designing birch ply Christmas, Easter and year-round decorations that are all flatpacked as postcards so that you can easily send them to friends and family as holiday greetings. There is also a lovely tree available in three different sizes, just change the hanging decorations according to the season and you can have it on display all year.


Now they have big news! They have come up with a non toxic mdf stool with the same patented construction principle, and it is a real looker. I present The Pumpkin! Available in two sizes to fit both adults and children. Very convenient for stashing away and taking out when you need some extra seating, it only takes a minute to assemble, no screws or glue needed.


Dala horse lounge pillow

This hand embroidered lounge pillow in the shape of a traditional Swedish Dala horse is designed by Linus Kjellqvist, founder and designer at Skräddaregatan.

With tradition at heart and a design that has persisted for centuries, Skräddaregatan have created a playful lounge pillow using natural materials and skillful Swedish craftmanship reflecting the Dala horse's history as an over 400 years old symbol for Sweden. The materials are high quality worsted yarn, decorated with embroidered flowers made of variegated pearl cotton. The cotton is crocheted together for added thickness and an increased colour impression, with the filling consisting of coconut fiber. All materials are 100% recyclable, a concept that fits well with a sustainable product life cycle and a responsible Swedish way of life.


Stockholm Furniture Fair 2008, 1

I thought I would start by doing some posts on what I saw on the fair that especially caught my interest. There will be a more extensive report later when I've gotten all my photos sorted out and edited.

But first I want to tell you that I went to listen to Ilse Crawford discussing the design process with David Carlson and Peer Eriksson from Designboost. Ilse Crawford is the woman who started British Elle Decoration in 1989, and after that went on to work as an interior designer for big projects like the Soho House Hotel in New York, and Mathias Dahlgren's luxurious restaurants at Grand Hotel in Stockholm.

As I waited for them to start, I sat down on a bench next to an older gentleman. When I looked closer I realised that I was in fact sitting next to Mr Giulio Cappellini, the fair's guest of honour who had also designed the "Magic Forest" that we were sitting in! For those of you who don't recognise his name, I can tell you that he is to the design world as Giorgio Armani is to the fashion world. A legend.

But enough of the star gazing already, what I wanted to say was that Ilse was fantastically inspiring to listen to. She told us about how she works, the stories and feelings she carefully plans when starting to work on a project or a design.
For example, she talked about a lamp that she had recently designed, and the process of how it came to look as it does; she sat down with her colleagues one night and they all started brainstorming on what kind of feelings you wanted at that moment, when the sun has set, it's getting a bit chilly and you are tired. They decided that what you are looking for is something quite sturdy to hold on to, to take you through the night, and nothing too high-tec. It has to feel cozy and comforting, and that was the starting point of the design. First after that they started thinking in terms of shape, materials and colours.
Doesn't that sound like a great approach to the design process? So human and functional!

But now I'll start with the postings!

Bunker Hill design

Bunker Hill was founded in 2005 by architect MFA Daniel Franzén, one of the founders of TAF Architecture. His most famous project is the just 11 square meters small apartment he designed in 2002, with a fully functioning kitchen with seating for up to 8 persons, and a 120 cm wide bed big enough for two.


I also want to show you this very minimalistic apartment, designed as a calm oasis for a musician who needed something tranquil to come home to between tours.


You make my day

I received the "You make my day" award from Irene at the lovely Bloesem blog. I am so flattered to be picked by her amongst the thousands of blogs out there! Thank you so much Irene!

The "You Make My Day" award works like this...

1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make make your day.
2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3. Tell the award winners that they've won by commenting on their blogs.


My pick is going to have to be:


Elisabeth at Fine Little Day, for her superior sense of style and beauty and her astonishing creativity and talent in so many fields.


Sandra at Smosch, for her ability to see the beauty in every day and photograph it in a way that shows it to the rest of us.


Danielle at The Style Files, for finding the best of Dutch design and making me feel as if I was almost there again.


Holly at decor8, for her high spirits, and being so kind and supportive to others, and for doing a great job with her blog, showing us the gems of American and European designers and artists.


Heather at Dooce for making me laugh every day with her hilarious texts, for taking superb photos and having the most patient dog in the universe.

A good week

This week is going to be so great! These are some of the things I am looking forward to:

Home made semlor at my sons daycare on Tuesday.

Stockholm Furniture Fair
starting on Wednesday. I am going to meet some exhibitors, like Hung-Ming Chen from Chen&Karlsson (designer of the fab Bird Light i blogged in December) and the people behind Little Red Stuga. Also there is the always fresh and interesting Greenhouse exhibit of new young designers, very excited about that!

"Mönster berättar" (= Patterns telling stories), a show by 8 students from Konstfack, at Clarion Hotel, Wednesday night.

Opening of the show Future Living at Designens Hus on Thursday.

Of course I will keep you updated on all of these things, so keep coming back here for pictures and reports!

Saturday sweets

This weeks eye candy is inspired by the snow that fell over Stockholm today. We have mostly had rain for the last months, but today we finally had some proper winter weather!


Friday Flickr Favorites

Going for colour today!