Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

The home of Robyn Glaser


  • Anna @ D16 says:

    Thank you AGAIN! These are the photos I had seen before but couldn't find again. I'll save them this time!

    Stunning, every inch.

    2008-12-02 | 20:12:56
    URL: http://doorsixteen.com
  • siw says:

    Nice rooms

    2008-12-02 | 20:27:40
    URL: http://design-shimmer.blogspot.com/
  • The City Sage says:

    What an incredible interior! I love the contrast of the tufted couch with the mid-century bentwood chairs. Just gorgeous!

    2008-12-03 | 04:52:27
    URL: http://www.annesage.com
  • Tilda B. HervĂ© says:

    working space is fantastic! really inspiring!

    2008-12-03 | 10:17:06
    URL: http://madameherve.typepad.com
  • Rona says:

    I want to move in to both of her homes! Wow.

    2008-12-04 | 18:43:12
    URL: http://plumandlion.com
  • Tracy says:

    Who produces that wallpaper of the flowers? It is gorgeous and would love to look into it.

    2008-12-08 | 17:58:42
  • joanna goddard says:

    love this. totally inspiring. thanks so much!

    2008-12-13 | 22:14:20
    URL: http://www.joannagoddard.blogspot.com

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