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Robyn Glaser's country house

When I posted last week about stylist Robin Glaser saying I wished I could show you more pictures from Robyn's home, I got a comment from photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo, who shot the photos I was talking about, offering to send them to me. Isn't the internet great?! So she did, along with some other great photos from Robyn's old country house. Here is the country house, the apartment is coming up in my next post. Thank you so much Ngoc!


  • Lou says:

    Lovely house. Very calm.

    Now how about a Christmas decoration post??


    2008-12-02 | 19:15:05
    URL: http://www.chasinglou.blogspot.com
  • Anna @ D16 says:

    GAH! Yes, the internet is GREAT. Thank you, Emma and Ngoc (and Robin, of course)! These photos are wonderfully inspiring!

    2008-12-02 | 20:04:21
    URL: http://doorsixteen.com
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Thank you Anna!

    And Lou, thanks for the suggestion, I'll try to find some nice pictures of Christmas decor and if successful, I'll do a post on that.

    2008-12-03 | 00:57:38
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Ashley@decorology says:

    LOVING the home office - the wall color is great

    2008-12-03 | 03:20:47
    URL: http://decorology.blogspot.com

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