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Inspiration from Alcro

I just recieved a newsletter from Alcro, one of the biggest paint manufacturers in Sweden, with some new colour inspiration for the winter months. The colour in focus is Saffron, which is a great accent to brighten up your rooms now that it's so cold and dark outside. The picture below is styled by Lotta Agaton, one of Sweden's top interior stylists, and if you'd like to know more about her, her thoughts on this assignment and tips on trends and styling in general, there is an interview (in Swedish) on Alcro's website. For this pic, Lotta was given a can of Saffron paint to do whatever she fancied with. She chose to get fleamarket items, spraypaint them all, and mix with a candlestick from Asplund and a lamp by Jaime Hayon, to try and get away from the minimalism that has governed in Swedish magazines and ads for some time now.

For more products in yellow, check out the newsletter on Alcro's site.


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