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Andreas Larsson's home in LoftLife Magazine

The latest issue of LoftLife Magazine features the beatiful home of Swedish born photographer Andreas Larsson, who moved to the US more than ten years ago to attend photography school in Miami. Since then, he's traveled internationally on assignment, but calls his loft in Chicago "home." Larsson has a low tolerance for clutter, preferring simple, stark minimalism. He draws inspiration from the "Danish Modern" movement and names Grete Jalk, Arne Jacobsen, and Hans Wegner as favorites. Slightly more than 1,000-square-feet in size, Andreas chose a few modern pieces to decorate his space, creating a tranquil environment that's as much about the bones of the loft as it is about the particular items that fill it.

Click here for more pictures of Andreas' home.


  • Nikolay says:

    Wow, I love his place. Instant top 3 in my list.

    2008-12-04 | 00:25:45
    URL: http://www.nikolayvanchev.eu
  • plastolux says:

    I completely love this place, I am a sucker for the black floors and bright white walls.

    2008-12-04 | 00:58:02
    URL: http://www.plastolux.com
  • karina says:

    Terrific place!

    2008-12-04 | 01:30:39
    URL: http://karina-elbeso.blogspot.com/
  • sara says:

    så stillsamt o fint, gissar att jag får drömma om det här om sådär en 15 år fast hellre stök o bebisar!

    2008-12-04 | 13:18:10
  • Mia says:

    Jag älskar Eames DCM-stolen. Tidlös design.

    2008-12-04 | 13:58:55
    URL: http://mialinnman.blogspot.com
  • Horse Hunting says:

    very nice. love your blog. h.h

    2008-12-08 | 06:24:03
    URL: http://horsehunting.blogspot.com/
  • michelle says:

    nice! I wish I could afford a loft in Greektown yikes

    2008-12-16 | 16:46:51
    URL: http://cheramibird.blogspot.com
  • Clunk says:

    You can see more photos of his house in the Apartment Therapy's book, issued by Chronicle Books.

    I really love is house.

    He used Ikea's kitchen cabinets to store!!!

    (you can see them at the bottom right of the last photo)

    2009-08-28 | 18:58:14
    URL: http://clunkjosh.blosgspot.com

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