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And the winner is...


The winner of the Yellow print from Andyland is... Mhari, from the welcome home blog! Congratulations Mhari! I hope you enjoy the print! You were very scientifically chosen by my boyfriend, whom I asked to pick a random number...

Update! I just read in the comment section that I forgot to give you the answer. I'm sorry! The right answer is Paris, Louise currently resides in Paris, and that answer was of course to be found on the Andyland website.


  • Pethra på Inredningsbloggen says:

    Grattis till vinnaren. Jag är imponerad av det vetenskapliga tillvägagångssättet av välja vinnare. :) En gång fick Venus, nosa på lappar med olika nummer och den hon nosade först på vann. Vetenskap rules!

    2008-12-21 | 02:01:23
    URL: http://inredningsbloggen.blogg.se/
  • Frida says:

    Grattis till vinnaren!

    2008-12-22 | 09:33:51
    URL: http://husmusen.blogg.se/
  • georgia says:

    Hi, you forgot to give us the answer.

    2008-12-23 | 03:11:22

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