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Transformation of Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam

The Lloyd Hotel is a Dutch hotel centrally situated in the fashionable heart of Amsterdam?s Eastern Docklands Area. Renowned Dutch architects, designers and artists have transformed this monument dating from 1921 into a hotel where many inhabitants of Amsterdam, international artists, tourists and business people feel at home. The interior decoration is a combination of modern Dutch design and timeless classics.

This winter, Richard Hutten transformed the restaurant/bar/shop of the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam with an new bar and the specially designed Lloyd Light.

Hutten graduated at the Academy Industrial Design Eindhoven in 1991. That same year he started his own design studio, working on a variety of projects such as: furniture-, product-, interior- and exhibition design. Richard Hutten is one of the most internationally successful Dutch designers; a key exponent of "Droog Design", in which he has been involved since it's inception in 1993.



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  • karina says:

    It seems
    to be a great place!

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  • Muriel says:

    Thanks for showing me something so close to my home. I'll have to visit soon!

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    Underbara bilder!

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    wow, looks beautiful!

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  • Diana says:

    LOVE those lights!

    2008-04-23 | 00:55:59
  • jmparli says:

    Absolutely stunning

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  • Stacey Osborne says:

    I've stayed at the hotel! My friend and I stayed for 2 nights on our visit to this beautiful city. It is a fabulous hotel, the design is great. This article made me miss travelling.

    2011-06-29 | 04:05:25

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