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Scandie wallpaper

As promised, here is some more info on the wallpaper in the top photo from yesterdays post! It's from a new Swedish wallpaper company called Scandie. They have a stylish collection, all manufactured in Sweden, and designed by some of the worlds most talented designers. Or what else can you say about names such as Dutch design studio Demakersvan, and from Sweden; my favorites Anna Irinarchos and Lisa Widén of design studio WIS.

A clipping from their site:
Scandie is a community of free spirits. A big family in which designers and artists from all over the world share the same fire: the burning desire to create design that goes straight to the heart of the beholder. If you are pro freedom and believe in design that knows no limits, then you are our friend.

Demakersvan made these Lace Wallpapers:


WIS Design made this beautiful Feather pattern:


Check out the Scandie web shop (with international shipping!) for more!


  • Frida says:

    De är så fina så fina!

    2008-04-15 | 21:21:19
    URL: http://www.husmusen.blogg.se
  • Jen says:

    I love these wallpapers and that they are gaining popularity again.

    2008-04-16 | 04:39:47
    URL: http://jencmoments.blogspot.com/
  • AlmaVinilo says:

    Hi, I am an Argentinian Interior Designer, and I love this wallpapers. I have an enterprise dedeicated to design, create and sale wall tatoos, or decoratives products in vinyl; taht are a great resourse to decorate homes interiors and shops.We distribute our products all over the world
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    2008-04-17 | 07:56:43
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