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Royal Garland from Royal Buffet

I just have to tell you about the gorgeous garland I bought a week or so ago! It's called Royal Garland, made from old photography books, by Etsy seller Royal Buffet. It was the perfect answer for the dilemma I've had with the empty wall above my bed. I didn't want just an ordinary painting or poster, because that would be too square, and also I'm not really into busy colourful art, but this wall needed a dash of colour to add some interest. The garland was the perfect solution! It has just enough colour, and the folded triangles adds an extra dimension.
As an extra bonus, the packaging was totally sweet, with a folded paper gift tag attached to the newspaper wrapping. Annie and Mollie even included a small scratch book for me! Thank you!


To see more of Royal Buffet's work, check out their blog!


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