Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Designer Bertjan Pot

You have all seen the Random Light by Bertjan Pot for Moooi, but have you seen the aftercoming designs he made, inspired by the technique used for the Random Light? Let me show you the Random Chair, the Carbon Copy, the Carbon Chair, the Carbon Cloud, the Netted Lamp and the Non Random Light!

The original Random Light, designed in 2001 for Moooi

The Random Chair is the follow-up of the Random Light. Epoxy drained carbon fiber is coiled over a single sided mould. It won the "materiaalfonds"-prize 2003 and is sold through Goods.

Carbon Copy, an exact copy of Bertjans favorite chair by Charles Eames, but made totally out of carbon fiber and epoxy. Because of the great original design the chair is strong enough to sit on even in this material!

The Carbon Chair, designed in cooperation with Marcel Wanders and inspired by the Carbon Copy. This chair was completely hand coiled and is 100% carbon fiber and epoxy (so, no metal frame!). The pattern on the seat looks random but actually reflects the strength pattern. Every point on the rim of the chair is connected with all 4 points where the seat is connected to base-frame.

The Netted Lamp, a circular net soaked in resin, (used in the diving industry) that was sucked around a cluster of balloons.

The Carbon Cloud. Two shelving units and a bed are covered in a carbon cloud as if coiled by a giant spider. From the inside out, the carbon cloud is like a three-dimensional dream catcher. From the outside the featherweight carbon structure is a bubble hard to burst, proposing a border between the real world and a sleeping place.
In the shelving a few fantasies about products are placed. A collection of squashes as light shades, a shrunken golden stool, a knitted lamp, an anarchistic chess game and a seamlessly upholstered chair are stored as if ready to be dreamed.

The Non-Random Light. When Moooi transferred the production of the Random Light from manual to machine one of the problems they encountered was making it "random". When that problem was solved Bertjan decided to use the machines preference to make non-random structures and after a while the Non-Random Light was born. Not only the structure is non random here. Where the Random Light was throwing it's light around the whole room, the Non-Random Light directs most of it downwards due to the small reflector on top that also hides most of the light bulb.


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