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The most amazing apartment I have ever seen

When I saw this apartment I was stunned for several minutes. My eyes watered, my cheeks blushed and I started to sweat. For real. I have never seen a more beautiful apartment in my life. It's for sale right here, and if you buy it, I am afraid I will have to kill you.
Now I am trying to imagine what the current owner's next home will look like. I mean, what is the next step when you move from something like this?



  • sia says:

    {So Chris bought an apartment in Söder after all?}
    this apartment is stunning indeed... sigh. Thanks for sharing!

    2007-09-24 | 09:03:07
    URL: http://www.siagrafica.com
  • Malin says:

    Tänk, den är ju helt lagom för min lilla familj! Tack för tipset, den blir det!
    (Haha, as if.)

    2007-09-24 | 09:04:10
    URL: http://blog.zaffron.se
  • Emma says:

    Sia: Yeah, sure, you can come visit any time and stay in the tower room, he is keeping it as a guest room, since there are three more bedrooms on the lower floor... No, not really. He hasn't found anything yet, and when he does, it will be smaller than the kitchen in this apartment.
    Malin: Ok, men var beredd på att jag kommer och knackar på... ;-)

    2007-09-24 | 09:14:55
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • Malin says:

    :D Du är välkommen!

    2007-09-24 | 09:28:40
    URL: http://blog.zaffron.se
  • André says:

    Verkligen skiitfin! Så mysig och hemtrevlig. Den kändes inte kall

    2007-09-24 | 10:11:45
    URL: http://www.backeby.eu
  • Elisabeth says:

    Gapar ikapp med!!!
    Emma - den var enastående, industriliknande takfönster fast i TRÄ?!
    Storslaget fast enkelt, elegant men avslappnat, vitt & ändå varmt!!!
    Du förtjänar fasen hittelön! :D

    2007-09-24 | 23:25:53
    URL: http://levaleende.blogg.se
  • Emma says:

    Tack allihop!
    Och Elisabeth, såg du duschen på taket? Det finns en bastu där också. *svimmar*

    2007-09-25 | 12:12:44
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • Alexandra says:

    Helt otrolig. Ja, undrar vart tar man vägen efter att ha bott så?

    2007-09-25 | 13:53:09
    URL: http://www.livinginandyland.blogspot.com
  • dreamhouse says:

    galet fin!! älskar taket!! xx

    2007-09-25 | 15:11:38
    URL: http://www.dreamhousecammy.blogspot.com
  • imelda says:

    gosh, an amazing place, Emma!

    2007-09-25 | 19:02:10
    URL: http://imedagoze.blogspot.com
  • John says:

    What is the next step?
    Moving from a spectacular home is not the end of one?s life.
    Living there does however dramatically raise your housing standards.
    It?s all a matter of priorities, if your career, or other factor, is more important, than residence, you?ll move, hoping that the new place you find will be similarly wonderful.
    If you don?t, you?ll move to an interim home until you find the next residence that measures up to or exceeds the original place.

    2007-09-26 | 17:17:15
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    John, is your answer serious?! Don't you think I know all that? I was just trying to imagine how wonderful their next home must be to make them want to give up this spectacular place, but I guess you had to take it literally and make a rant about it...

    2007-09-26 | 22:03:08
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • jan says:

    i'm stealing this!
    : )

    2007-09-27 | 18:26:01
    URL: http://www.poppytalk.blogspot.com
  • John says:

    Dear Emma,
    Perhaps there is a language or cultural misunderstanding, unfortunately your intent was not successfully communicated.
    Nevertheless, my statements were not offered condescendingly.
    Having been privileged to live in four spectacular residences I am well aware of the difficulties of leaving a place you love and finding another you love just as much.
    Have a nice day,

    2007-09-27 | 21:09:35
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    John, I'm sorry if we misunderstood eachother. Take care,

    2007-09-28 | 11:41:24
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • Valentina says:

    oh please, don't kill me if i'll buy it! you'll be ever welcome in my home! :D:D

    2007-10-09 | 13:24:13
    URL: http://www.indie-guest.it
  • Julia says:

    if you moved there you'd be so thrilled that you'd certainly stop blogging.

    2007-10-20 | 02:30:43
  • mehmet says:

    Gapar ikapp med!!!
    Emma - den var enastående, industriliknande takfönster fast i TRÄ?!
    Storslaget fast enkelt, elegant men avslappnat, vitt & ändå varmt!!!
    Du förtjänar fasen hittelön! :D

    2008-02-13 | 10:39:30
    URL: http://www.shipshaq.com
  • drew says:

    wow its all white..must be a bitch to keep clean

    2008-02-14 | 03:43:19
  • Buttons says:


    2008-02-14 | 21:26:36
    URL: http://www.buttonland.com
  • Dito says:

    i wish this was my home

    2008-02-15 | 05:54:11
    URL: http://ditoweb.com
  • rajarank says:

    get real................get out and explore the world n u will find more beautiful houses than that dump

    2008-02-20 | 07:33:19
  • Kayla says:

    It's so...white.

    2008-02-20 | 14:33:38
  • Lawyer says:

    that is so cool...I love it! I'm going for the same look but more white.

    2008-02-20 | 15:20:12
    URL: http://www.myocdivorcelawyer.com
  • Billy says:

    your blog is boring I am currently asleep. THAT'S DUE TO YOUR BLOG

    2008-02-21 | 02:18:12
  • AppleandOak says:

    Very pretty.
    I live on twenty acres in the woods...my house is not very pretty...but I don't spend much time inside.
    I love the beams in the kitchen and dining area of this apartment.
    Emma, Keep sharing photos of things you find beautiful!

    2008-02-23 | 04:06:43
  • orange says:

    This is ugly....serious lack of imagination.

    2008-02-23 | 07:18:24
  • Geoff says:

    I agree with Kayla: Too much white. The timbered rafters, the rooftop outdoor shower, the bookshelves, all so attractive. But deathly, sterile, white as if there were no color to be had .... Ugh.

    2008-02-24 | 02:47:12
  • Online Colleges says:

    Sorry dude...

    but that place looks totally unlived in.

    definitely not a home

    2008-02-25 | 18:30:41
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  • Anonym says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    2008-02-26 | 01:59:00
  • Alexis Brion says:

    The first impression is very good, but at the end it looks very cold.

    2008-02-26 | 15:17:34
    URL: http://www.designvsart.com
  • zetman says:

    La verdad por las imágenes vista me pareció muy lindo, no se si seré falta de imaginación como dice alguien mas arriba por gustarme, pero la combinación de los pilares de madera en bruto con el color blanco se ve "de pelos"

    2008-02-26 | 16:12:50
    URL: http://tupsx.com
  • Peter Bevan says:

    Folks (some of you), your missing the point. These people probably love the outdoors and spend the majority of their time outside. When indoors they obviously love food and the well lit kitchen plus the warmth of the wood and all those books!!
    That said, the white living room is a space that is probably used in the evenings when artificial light can create unique settings that are ever changing (much like the great outdoors).

    Love to all!


    2008-02-27 | 01:52:28
  • jasmine says:

    wow!!! these apartment are really woderful ....


    2008-02-27 | 09:02:46
    URL: http://tech-chek.blogspot.com
  • joven says:

    Great Design! Thank you for sharing.

    2008-02-27 | 17:47:09
    URL: http://www.jovenmedia.com
  • paranoiaparadise says:

    wow this is so beautiful. I love it too, but I'd never kill anybody for whatsoever reason.

    2008-02-28 | 20:11:03
    URL: http://www.paranoiaparadise.com
  • thenetguruz says:

    Nice apartments but those wood logs used on room could have been given a better finish according to me, but its about designer choice and they know more.

    2008-02-29 | 17:55:59
    URL: http://www.thenetguruz.com
  • Bluecubit says:

    Good designs and very well pictured too. Art of photographer should also be appreciated for taking such good shots of these apartments.

    2008-02-29 | 18:01:49
    URL: http://www.bluecubit.com
  • ELBSeattle says:

    Beautiful, yes. But as in so many examples of modern design, this would be an absolute bitch to keep clean. All that white ... I prefer a house/apartment that is actually meant to be lived in.

    2008-03-03 | 23:32:04
  • Pip says:

    Wow.. I love the blackboard leaning against the wall.. and the shelves... and I really like the tablecloth too!
    It looks beautiful, not perfect and like someone actually lives there and loves it!
    Thankyou.. and I heart your blog lots!

    2008-03-04 | 04:59:56
    URL: http://meetmeatmikes.blogspot.com
  • Dan says:

    Where do i grow my spuds!?

    2008-03-05 | 22:17:27
    URL: http://www.ratemytrade.co.uk/builder
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Thanks everyone for your nice comments! And for the people who don't like it, well, I guess we just have different tastes. But please keep in mind that this apartment is home staged for the sale, so a lot of the owners personal stuff has been removed.

    ELBSeattle, I actually prefer it when I can see the dirt in my home, instead of just pretending it is not there because I can't see it... :)

    And Dan, I'm sure you could find a spot on the roof terrace that could accomodate a small vegetable garden. Perhaps next to the shower, with the outlet water going directly to the plants?

    2008-03-05 | 22:55:39
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • BladeBV says:

    Stunning apartement, but I've also seen better ones. Anyways I especially like the view of the city from up there :).

    2008-03-10 | 18:22:15
  • BladeBV says:

    Stunning apartement, but I've also seen better ones. Anyways I especially like the view of the city from up there :).

    2008-03-10 | 18:22:50
    URL: http://gotoworknoob.blogspot.com
  • Kajsa says:

    Why didn't I see this back then (september)? I'd give an arm and a leg to see it now. I fell in love already seeing the first picture, those windows! they were meant for me (me ME me!) The following pictures, holy... (another sleepless night, thinking of furniture for an apartment I will never own :)

    2008-03-10 | 22:50:28
  • Dayna Jones says:

    That is a gorgeous apartment. I'd love to see the current owner's next home as well - and possibly steal a few ideas.

    2008-03-11 | 00:41:30
    URL: http://daynajones.blogspot.com
  • Storage Ashburn says:

    why is there so much white!

    2008-03-21 | 10:43:10
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  • Clipper at Clipspringer says:

    I love it!
    For more you can try the following URL:

    2008-03-26 | 01:29:12
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  • Brady says:

    As much as my internet travels bring me joy in seeing such beauty, these same travels consistently reveal the ugly and mean nature of a percentage of humanity that is stunning- a different kind of stunning, obviously. As a person who has suffered greatly in this lifetime, I hope to go to my grave without ever grasping why people insist on such cruel behaviours. Emma, thank you for sharing such things time and again- I respect your thick skin, and I suppose I will have to forsake reading the kind comments for the nasty ones are taking such a toll as I age.

    2008-09-23 | 22:45:11
  • USDA Prime Steak says:

    I love the black and white bathroom. It is such a classic and people just aren't doing it anymore.

    2008-11-26 | 22:39:09
    URL: http://www.mychicagosteak.com
  • deck tiles says:

    the space with the shag, glass coffee table and telescope is SICK...i'm totally doing that for my loft upstairs...the space on the roof would be awesome if they laid down some <a href="http://decktiledirect.com">deck tiles</a>.

    A friend of mine bought his with this company and it totally changed the whole look of his space.

    2009-01-08 | 21:00:00
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  • Lindsay says:

    The white looks so fresh and welcoming to me, but it's one of those issues people are really split on. I live in Vancouver so I understand the need for maxiumum UV light reflection - very similar to Scandinavia in the winter. It feels better than dark colours. For me, the contrast between the purity of the white and the impurity of the wood is absolutely key, and there's nothing more beautiful than that contrast. I'd live here in a second.

    2009-05-19 | 02:58:56
    URL: http://blog.ounodesign.com
  • Priciyana Edison says:

    Awesome dear!!! is this yours... If yes then please invite me. I wanna see it live...It has very innovative interior..Specially the drawing room.

    2011-03-23 | 05:44:38
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  • Jhon says:

    In this images I found one common thing and that is this apartment is made on the basis of some traditional and some modern design. In short I have seen the combination of traditional and modern things which helps to give more modern look. I like to collect this kind of images which is unique and inspirational. May be possible that from this images I get some new imagination which helps to improve my work.


    2011-05-12 | 12:50:00

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