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Organic ceramics from Lindform

Lindform used to have a shop here in Stockholm, but now they have decided to only do whole sale orders, so you will have to go to Hasseludden Yasuragi to buy their products. After being on Formex though, they will probably have more retailers selling their gorgeous organically shaped porcelain vases, salt and pepper pots and tea light holders from Thailand. I love the neutral colours and the shapes which remind me of mid century ceramics from masters like Stig Lindberg.



  • Jenny says:

    My husband and I are in search of new bed linens featuring bold organic shapes.
    While surfing the web, we discovered your September 2007 blog (http://emmas.blogg.se/m_092007.html) and a few images of textiles that we're hoping you can tell us more about.
    Under "Formex through my eyes", can you tell us who makes the purple, egg plant, and gold wall hanging (12th row of images)?
    We also like the creme and white pillows in the 13th row as well as the wall hangings in the 17th row.
    Any help you can provide on these items [or more linens (with organic shapes) produced by other makers that you're familiar with] would be greatly appreciated.
    We really enjoyed your site and look forward to hearing back from you.

    2007-12-27 | 06:45:15

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