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Limited edition holiday tray from ISAK

A must have for all you fans of ISAK out there, here is the new special edition Blossom & Bill laminated birch tray. The news came to me from Sandra Isaksson with the sweetest text along with it, you really have to read it:

"Blossom was sitting at her desk reading. The light was dim but she didn't mind. She noticed the note slip under her door and her feet tingled. Outside, Bill skipped down the steps retracing his own footprints in the snow feeling vulnerable, exhilarated and full of hope. Blossom picked up the blank envelope and opened it. Inside was a library ticket. Blossom opened her door, saw the footsteps in the snow and felt their warmth as she followed them with her eyes. On the back of the ticket Bill had scribbled: Please celebrate Christmas with me. Blossom smiled.

She stirred the sauce and sugared the potatoes whilst Bill carved the roast elk. The candlelight flickered and outside the slowly falling crystals of snow fell. Bill opened the champagne and nothing unlit by the candlelight mattered.

She awoke the morning after to the smell of a cinnamon dashed coffe and a saffron flavoured bun sitting on a tray by the bed side table. There was a note from Bill: Had to dash! Will be back by noon to cook you lunch. Don't move!"

The super cute tray is only available through the website, and numbers are limited, so hurry!



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