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Aalto for the kids room?

I am not sure if this set of childrens furniture (available from 2modern) is actually a certified mini version of the classic Alvar Aalto designs, or if it is a knock-up, but it doesn't really matter as they look great! This 5 piece set comes in natural or espresso stained birch, and the stain is actually lead free, making it a both child- and eco-friendly product. Another great feature, that I believe most parents will appreciate, is the stool, which definitely makes a more comfortable seating option for adults than the chairs, making it more appealing for parents to sit down with their kids.



  • anjie joon says:

    these are adorable ~ great find!

    2007-09-27 | 00:48:14
    URL: http://www.studiowellspring.blogspot.com
  • Emma Laiho says:

    It is certified if it's by Artek. I think that furniture is to be found at every kindergarten, elementary school etc. in Finland.

    2007-09-27 | 09:13:03
    URL: http://www.emmalaiho.net/blog/
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Emma: I don't think it is from Artek, it said nothing about that on the 2modern site. It did say something about "Svan" though, which i believe is a Swedish company producing childrens chairs.
    How cool that these are all over the place in Finland, your schools must be very stylish! :-)

    2007-09-27 | 12:10:55
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • Cousinette says:

    I hated these chairs when I was little. Every school had them in Finland, so they were totally un-cool to us schoolchildren, but now that we've moved I suddenly find myself having the urge to buy some myself. Yikes! I feel old and mature! :)
    Seems to me like Svan of Sweden have been copying the Artek-chairs rather liberally.

    2007-09-27 | 12:46:29
    URL: http://www.fancytherabbit.blogspot.com/
  • Emma Laiho says:

    Yep, the Aalto ones are the real ones, and even the children's versions have been around for decades.. It might even have been kind of revolutionary at the time -to mass manufacture quality furniture in children's scale.

    2007-09-27 | 23:13:13
    URL: http://www.emmalaiho.net/blog/

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