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The chest of drawers from WIS Design

Many of you have been asking about the amazing chest of drawers by WIS Design that I included in my post about Alcro AD 08 and Casa Cor further down, so I e-mailed Anna Irinarchos (one half of the design duo that is WIS) to get some answers. This is her reply:

Lisa and I are both very fond of mixing old and new, and it seems that so are many others. But now we wanted to put all of the old styles into one single piece of furniture, in a modern framing. What happens if you mix lots of different woods and styles in a single piece of furniture? Contrasts are always interesting. We chose to enhance them by making the new frame in white lacquered MDF, which looks very good against the old wood.

One person said to us; "I can see my whole childhood in this chest of drawers". That was nice to hear.

The response has been great on this chest of drawers, some have asked to buy it, but this particular one is not for sale at the moment, as we might use it for another exhibition. You can however contact us to place an order on one! Since they will all look different, all drawers are unique, it will take us quite a long time to find the right drawers, draw the frame and produce it. These are simply unique objects, and the prize will most likely be around skr 40 000 for one of them. But then you will, as I said, get a totally unique piece.



  • zee says:

    Cool, good on you Emma! It is such a stunning piece of furniture. Frankly, I'd be happy to even have a photo of it in my home...

    2007-10-11 | 16:44:52
    URL: http://www.homebug.net
  • heather moore says:

    I like that! It makes me think that there's a place for everything!

    2007-10-12 | 16:18:05
    URL: http://www.skinnylaminx.com
  • Mari says:

    Otroligt cool byrå. Kul att det går bra för unga designers.

    2007-11-04 | 20:55:29
    URL: http://angelattable.blogspot.com/

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