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Maija Puoskari

I found this new to me designer, Maija Puoskari,  through the Bloesem blog today. She comes from the small northern town of Tornio, and says herself that her background influences her design a great deal. This can be seen in the simple, straightforward shapes of her products where the main material is white porcelain. In her own words: "my passion lies in trying and testing new solutions for simple everyday needs where function and beauty are of paramount importance. I am particularly fascinated by reduced forms, as they appear straightforward on the surface, but in fact expose all elements to close scrutiny and are therefore very demanding on the designer."


Maija Puoskari is a member of the design collective juju design party, where I also found these stunning ceramics by Tomi Pelkonen.



  • sara says:

    den där kannan är super!

    2007-10-11 | 00:43:56
    URL: http://happysilly.blogspot.com
  • Bilalfatima says:

    Wow Pete, what an amazing new site you have now; great therapy and loads to contemplate. Thanks for building my new art/design site - can not wait to see the end result.

    2009-10-13 | 08:03:58
    URL: http://bilalfatima.blogspot.com

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