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Kurbits, new from Rörstrand

Taking a break from all the neutrals, I want to show you this very colourful dinner set called Kurbits, designed by Katarina Brieditis for Rörstrand. Kurbits is a traditional Swedish folk art painting style, with roots in the Dalecarlia area, mainly used on furniture, and is characterized by it's sweeping brush strokes, daring mix of colours and the beautiful flower motives. Brieditis has mixed this with photographs of real flowers to give the pattern a more modern feel.


Below is a real kurbits painting, from MB Kurbits.



  • zee says:

    Adorable set!

    2007-10-01 | 12:04:03
    URL: http://www.homebug.net
  • Kate says:

    Ooh, these are lovely!
    I can see the traditional part of them but there's something modern abut the real kurbits too that I can't put my finger on...maybe the colours?

    2007-10-01 | 14:53:57
    URL: http://www.little-doodles.blogspot.com
  • Valentina says:

    very very inspired by these happy flowers!!

    2007-10-02 | 14:26:55
    URL: http://www.indie-guest.it
  • At Home with kim vallee says:

    The color palette and the use of use of empty space result in a bold floral pattern that looks airy and fresh. I like it a lot.

    2007-10-06 | 17:14:16
    URL: http://blog.kimvallee.com/
  • Geanne Thole says:

    I really really like this new set from Rörstrand. I hope it will soon be available in the Netherlands

    2008-01-10 | 13:59:20

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