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AD08, new paint collection from Alcro

Paint company Alcro releases a new paint collection every year called AD, with the new trend colours predicted by some of Sweden's biggest designers and architects and some new up and coming stars as well. This years colours has been chosen by e.g. Alexis Pontvik, Olle Rex, Wis Design and Jon Eliasson, all well known names here in Sweden.
To show off the new colours in real interior contexts, Alcro has set up a cooperation with Casa Cor, a big interior show house that I've written about before here. Also new this year is that the 08 collection includes 4 patterns, not just plain paint colours.



  • Penguin & Fish says:

    wow, I just love all those different sized drawers.

    2007-10-04 | 18:34:01
    URL: http://penguinandfish.blogspot.com
  • Frida Eklund Edman says:

    So do I, wonderful! (Maybe something to copy on a rainy day and some fleamarket finds)...

    2007-10-05 | 01:22:05
    URL: http://fridasfina.blogspot.com/
  • sansku says:

    I love the bottom picture!!

    2007-10-05 | 16:27:16
    URL: http://www.siennasmommy.blogspot.com
  • Nina says:

    That cupboard with all the different drawers is amazing!

    2007-10-08 | 21:25:23
    URL: http://ninainvorm.punt.nl
  • Margrét Einarsdóttir Long says:

    l would love to know more about the drawer. Can you post a useful link ?

    2007-10-09 | 16:00:12
    URL: http://www.graskerid.blogspot.com
  • unha says:

    hi! do you know the name of the fireplace? i'm in love!!!!

    2007-10-17 | 01:46:57
    URL: http://www.unhaengels.com/notes
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Unha, I'm sorry but I can't remember the name of the fireplace manufacturer right now. I've seen it around lots of times though, so I will get in touch with you when I find it, ok?

    2007-10-18 | 11:35:58
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se

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