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Photographer Stellan Herner

I would like to introduce you to one of my favourite Swedish photographers, Stellan Herner. His work occurs regularly in Elle Interiör, and he has participated in several books about food, gardens, parties etc. A very versatile photographer, but with an easily recognizable sense of style and light. You can spot a Herner photo immediately by looking at the way he lets the lightest areas of the picture burn out. He is the master of white!

These pictures were all styled by Tina Hellberg, also a regular in Elle Interiör. What an amazing job she did here!

Some of my favourite pictures:



  • Anne says:

    Jätte fina foton, gillar det riktigt ljusa i dom. Det blir lite suddigt, drömskt över dom.

    2007-11-28 | 11:14:08
    URL: http://www.anness.se
  • Homepoint-Linda says:

    Hej! Vilken underbar blogg du har! Välkommen till Homepoint.se om du vill ha inspiration och idéer till ditt hem!

    2007-11-28 | 11:18:14
    URL: http://www.homepoint.se
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Tack så mycket!

    2007-12-22 | 14:03:19
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • Tina Hellberg says:

    Fin blogg du har skapat Emma. Jag har stylat bilderna:-). Jobbar ofta med Stellan. Har du sett senaste Elle Interiör?

    2009-06-23 | 16:58:50

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