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Thrift shopping at it's best

I went on a little thrifting tour yesterday, and made some great finds! The plates below are from Rörstrand and Upsala Ekeby, the vase is a 31 cm high Holmegaard Carnaby in mint condition, and the magazines are Swedish youth magazines from the fifties, sixties and seventies.
I also bought a school book on local history, home-making and nature (odd mix, isn't it?), printed in 1960 with lots of cute illustrations, but I must have left it in the car 'cause I can't find it now, so I will have to show you that some other day.

All in all, I spent something like $ 15. The vase alone is worth around $ 100. So I'm one happy thrifter right now!



  • dimitri says:

    gratulerar till fynden..gillar din sida och är inne nästan varje dag och kikar..
    ha det bra =)

    2007-06-11 | 19:56:49
  • sulu-design says:

    Yes, you've got amazing finds!
    And I'm happy to see Elisabeth here - I follow her two blogs daily.
    You both have wonderful posts.

    2007-06-12 | 01:48:54
    URL: http://sulu-design.blogspot.com
  • Anonym says:

    hey, nice lopis finds,i lugged a set of those ceramic dinnerware originally from upsala ,all the way over here to nz!! great site keep up the inspiring work

    2007-06-12 | 04:03:45
  • maggienikole says:

    isn't it, i've had some great finds too lately. i love the feeling of finding a hidden treasure hidden away somewhere!

    2007-06-12 | 08:31:55
  • Lina says:

    wow, mycket fint! var hittar du allt ditt fina?

    2007-06-12 | 13:24:03
    URL: http://ahrana.blogg.se
  • Emma -emmas designblogg- says:

    maggienikole: yes, that is exactly what this felt like, a hidden treasure out in the middle of nowhere!
    Lina: Sorry, but i can't tell you where i found it cause then everyone will go and there will be nothing sweet left. All i can say is that it was in a very small village about ten miles from Stockholm, that has no less than three flea markets!

    2007-06-12 | 16:28:16
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • Weronica says:

    Vad mycket fint du hittar! Jag har inte varit lika lyckosam på mina senaste visiter i secondhandaffärerna. Väl fyndat!

    2007-06-13 | 11:23:14
    URL: http://livingbyw.blogsome.com/
  • janne says:

    Grattis! That was way better than my thrift shopping the other day...

    2007-07-26 | 21:17:03
    URL: http://whatsbloggingmyview.blogspot.com/
  • Michaelmonica says:

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