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Designista opening


I went to Designista's opening party last friday, had some sparkly wine and got to see their brand new store! We were also among the first people who stepped on the newly painted dark purple floor, leaving ugly dust marks from our sneakers. So now the shop owner is thinking of making all the customers wear plastic shoe protectors, so she won't have to mop the floor every fifteen minutes... Get there before you have to wear plastic bags on your feet! ;-)

See the box with red and pink half circles on the right side of the table? It's a memory game with photos of different breasts. You have to remember what they all look like, left and right, and make pairs. Totally hilarious in my opinion!

We were also among the first to see the amazingly beautiful potholder "Perle" by Adam und Harborth Designb├╝ro. It's like a big necklace made of porcelain pearls, that you can shape in three different ways for different sized pots. It's so gorgeous I would like have it on the table all the time, or hang it on the wall when it wasn't in use!



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