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Summer break

Thanks everyone for your nice and encouraging comments on the last post! They really cheered me up!

But now, summer has come to Stockholm, and I find that my blogging inspiration is running low, so I probably won't be updating for a while. Instead I'll leave you with a bunch of great blogs to browse, and I'll see you all in a couple of weeks, when we are all well rested and tanned.
If you are curious about what I'm up to, I'll be posting some bits and pieces over at my personal blog; lazy days.






I'm in the paper!

I just got an email from Imelda at Imedagoze telling me that my blog was mentioned in one of my favourite magazines, Boligmagasinet! I'm thrilled, although I haven't seen it yet! Does anyone have it, and can tell me what it says? Or even better, send me a picture of it? I'm so curious!

Update! Thank you so much Imelda for going through the trouble of scanning the magazine for me! You're a sweetie!


Kids Factory


If you're looking for inspiration for kids rooms, look no further! Kids Factory has a whole page of gorgeous and imaginative childrens rooms for all ages. They also sell clothes, prams and pregnancy wear, and the Amsterdam shop even has it's own lunch restaurant. These stores seem huge, judging from the pictures on the site!




I'm not really sure what this company does, as their collections seems to range from wallpapers to childrens bags, and the site is all in Dutch, but Onszelf obviously hired a fantastic stylist for their promotion pictures. Just look at these! Creative styling with lots of gorgeous and colourful props, but still managing to keep the wallpaper in focus.


My new blog

I've started a new blog called lazy days, where I post more personal stuff like my photos, thoughts about everyday life, crafting, films, food and any other interesting things that I might stumble upon. Check it out!
It's not quite finished yet, more links are coming, and I'm trying to figure out how to put my own header on there, but that will come, just give me a couple of days...

Design Delicatessen

I just love it when web shops go through all this trouble to make their products look great, it makes shopping so much more tempting! These photos with amazing styling can be found at Danish online store Design Delicatessen.



A stylish and sustainable alternative to plastic grocery bags is Envirosax, available as singles or packs of five great patterns for just $ 35. Choose from colourful nature inspired patterns, classic black and white or trendy retro graphics (and a Latin American range, but that is rather hideous in my opinion...).


New to me blogs

I thought I'd share a couple of newfound blogs with you today, to give you some inspiration for the upcoming week!

First up is At Home with kim vallee, a great blog about throwing stylish parties, but what I like the most is the posts where she breaks down the elements of Habitat's styling in their summer catalogue, and tells you how to create the style yourself. Very professional and inspiring!


Then we have feffakookan, an australian ceramic artist who blogs about her work and daily adventures around Brisbane. And the stories about her Little People are hilarious!


And be sure to read Astrid's new blog! Fabulous photos and inspiring posts about anything from art and design to food and flowers. She also runs a photo blog, and has the most amazing flickr account!


Lastly, I found the Akvi stilblogg by Anna Öst, founder of the Swedish design shop Akvi Home. She blogs about interior design, childrens products, food and cool tech-stuff in a fun mix.


The new issue of small is out!

I love the online magazine small, about childrens clothes and products made in a small scale by indie designers. Yesterday I recieved an email saying that the new summer issue is out, and of course I had to check it out right away. It's awsome! I especially love the circus theme! This issue also features illustrations by Amy Ross and Camilla Engman and an amazing photo shoot by Lisa Dorr from le Bouton, who has an Etsy shop where you can buy the clothes, and a blog with great photographs of her daily life.
Here is a little taster of small:


Mixed candy

As always on Saturdays, I'm delivering a bag of delicious eye candy! It's filled with light and relaxed summer kitchens!


Friday flickr favourites



Swedish books and my elephant print

Here are some pictures from two nice Swedish books:

Barnens 50-tal, a book about kids related products from the 50's.
ISBN: 91-37-12579-6

The pictures with the plates is from a book called: Ett eget rum. This book is made by two of my favorite artists, Pia Ulin (photographer) and Cilla Ramnek (artist). The book is filled with inspiring pictures from different (bohemian) homes, lovely photos and fun ideas!
ISBN: 91-534-2214-7

Finally I wanna take the opportunity to inform you that this elephant print of mine, is going to avilble at Mairo as blinds and fabric at the end of this summer. It has been great fun to blog here, thanks for inviting me Emma, have a lovely summer all of you!

By Elisabeth at fine little thing

Kim Westad Ceramics

Kim Westad started out as a graphic designer, but decided to change career path when she took a pottery class. She took more classes, and worked alongside several professional potters in Connecticut and New York, before setting up her own studio in 2004. These pictures are from her collections Honeysuckle, Seagrass and Pebble. Don't you just love the summer-like feel of those names?


Quilt to be...

I'm thinking of making a quilt for my youngest son, so I laid out the fabrics I'm planning to use, and would appreciate any thoughts you have regarding the mix of colours and patterns. Is it too much, should I try to focus on just orange and brown, or turquoise, green and brown? Or do you think it will look ok?


Nina Valkhoff

I found some really cool cushion covers for sale at Dutch artist/designer Nina Valkhoff's site Incredible Interior.



A tip if you're around Gothenburg; check out Charlotta Sandbergs studio/shop, Undra. It´s filled with lovely paintings, fabrics and trays. It is located at Alfhemsgatan/Linnéstaden. Also check her homepage: www.charlottasandberg.com

By Elisabeth at fine little thing

Susanne Schjerning


Gorgeous styling and great patterns by Danish designer Susanne Schjerning! I would love to dress my table like this for the summer, with some colourful vintage vases, fresh flowers and and a modern romantic table cloth with a nature motif. Of course, the Eames chairs would be nice too...
You can buy Susannes patterns as cushion covers or by the meter at Koffert in Stockholm. (By the way, don't google for "koffert Stockholm", you will only find a bunch of articles about chopped up bodies!)


Random black and white things

I just painted these vintage cups. I don´t drink coffee, but hot chocolate and green tea.

In this envelope came this years Kolla catalouge. My friend Hanna Backman took silver in the competition with this.

The fabulous pillow case is from Sara Blohmé. The pattern was a part of her graduation project at HDK last year.

By Elisabeth at fine little thing

Grace & Go

I immediately fell for these cushions and tea towels from Grace & Go. I love chairs, and I love mid-century style, so this just hit the jackpot with me!
Via Print & Pattern

Smil - things that make you happy

I love the notebooks covered in wallpaper, and the little zipped pouches made from vintage fabrics, perfect for all that small stuff scrambling around at the bottom of your bag. Not to mention the gorgeous dolls, available both as pouches and necklaces. They come from Berlin based company Smil, where designer Nadja Girod makes limited edition jewellery, pouches and other cute items.


Liselotte Watkins

Liselotte Watkins inspires me. She's not just a fabulous illustrator, she's a great set designer too.
The spread/pictures is from NK's christmas catalouge/2006, the set design is just amazing in these pictures! See more of Liselotte's set design: www.lundlund.com

By Elisabeth at fine little thing

Thrift shopping at it's best

I went on a little thrifting tour yesterday, and made some great finds! The plates below are from Rörstrand and Upsala Ekeby, the vase is a 31 cm high Holmegaard Carnaby in mint condition, and the magazines are Swedish youth magazines from the fifties, sixties and seventies.
I also bought a school book on local history, home-making and nature (odd mix, isn't it?), printed in 1960 with lots of cute illustrations, but I must have left it in the car 'cause I can't find it now, so I will have to show you that some other day.

All in all, I spent something like $ 15. The vase alone is worth around $ 100. So I'm one happy thrifter right now!


Hello, and vintage aprons

Hej, jag är Elisabeth och kommer att gästblogga här hos Emma den här veckan. På mina två egna bloggar: fine little day och fine little thing, bloggar jag ganska impulsivt och rörigt om saker runt omkring mig, saker jag gillar och saker jag gör. Jag kommer att blogga i samma anda här hos Emma. Känns kul och spännande att få vara med på den här proffsbloggen! Nu kör jag.

Jag vill inte kalla mig för förklädessamlare men jag har ett par stycken. Även om jag har bestämt att jag inte behöver fler nu, drar de mig till sig som magneter när jag går in i en second hand affär. Så gissa om jag blev glad när jag hittade den här jättesamlingen av förkläden på flickr. En guldgruva för förklädestokiga!
Bilden visar ett hörn av vårt kök och två av mina förkläden.

Hi, I´m Elisabeth and I'm going to be a guest blogger at Emmas this week. On my own two blogs: fine little day and fine little thing, I'm blogging rather impulsive about things around me, things I like and things I do. I'm gonna blog in the same spirit here at Emmas as well. Feels fun and exiting to be here in this pro blog! Here I go.

I don't wanna call myself a collector of aprons but I do have a few ones. Even though I have decided I don't need any more, they attract me like magnets when I go into vintage stores. So guess if I was happy when I found this link on flickr. A goldmine for apron lovers!
The picture shows a corner of our kitchen and two of my aprons.

By Elisabeth from fine little thing

Gästbloggare : Elisabeth Dunker

Elisabeth Dunker, of blogs fine little day and fine little thing is going to be my guest blogger here this week, starting today! I'm so happy about this, since these two of my favourite Swedish blogs, and now some of the great style from them is going to be on my blog! You should also check out Lula, a Swedish design collective that Elisabeth is a member of.

Take it away, Elisabeth!

(And, as you may have noticed, I no longer write in Swedish. It took up too much of my time translating all my posts, so now I'm only going for English, which I believe all my readers can understand. Hopefully, this will improve my English writing skills as well...)


As promised, here is a big bag full of wonderful walls. Enjoy!



Continuing on this weeks theme of art and prints...


Thumbtack Press


A great resource for cool art prints, Thumbtack press features works from over 70 artists! And they are very affordable too, with most prices between $ 20 and 35. If you are an artist you can send your work to Thumbtack, and if you are submitted you split the profits eqally with them. No cost and hardly no work for you! Cool, eh?


Designista opening


I went to Designista's opening party last friday, had some sparkly wine and got to see their brand new store! We were also among the first people who stepped on the newly painted dark purple floor, leaving ugly dust marks from our sneakers. So now the shop owner is thinking of making all the customers wear plastic shoe protectors, so she won't have to mop the floor every fifteen minutes... Get there before you have to wear plastic bags on your feet! ;-)

See the box with red and pink half circles on the right side of the table? It's a memory game with photos of different breasts. You have to remember what they all look like, left and right, and make pairs. Totally hilarious in my opinion!

We were also among the first to see the amazingly beautiful potholder "Perle" by Adam und Harborth Designbüro. It's like a big necklace made of porcelain pearls, that you can shape in three different ways for different sized pots. It's so gorgeous I would like have it on the table all the time, or hang it on the wall when it wasn't in use!



All I can tell you about this artist is that she writes her blog in russian. I don't speak a word of russian, and I certainly can't read it. But her art is gorgeous! And you really should take a look at her flickr account, as she is a very talented photographer as well.
I like the humour in her illustrations, with the vulgar words beautifully hand lettered on top of the romantic patterns...


Emma Laiho


Emma Laiho seems to be everywhere on the internet, but I have somehow missed her until now. In the last few days though, I find her link or art on every blog I visit! Her portfolio is fabulous, lot's of mixed media work and lovely graphic illustrations. Emma has a blog too, don't miss it!


Hanne Vind


Hanne Vind is a Danish interior stylist I found in the book "Rum der rykker" that I just bought. It's a fantastic book, and it's been featured here before, when Kristina from Karkovski was my guest blogger. I love Hanne's style, it's relaxed and colourful with a hint of retro here and there. You can see more of Hanne's work at her agent's site.


This week

I'm feeling very inspired by prints, paintings and photos right now, so you'll probably be seeing a lot of that here this week.


Flickr Friday is going to follow the main theme of the week, and will be all about prints and the printing process.


For Saturday's candy bag I'm planning some walls. It might sound boring, but I don't think it will be!


Also, I'm hoping to get some really nice interviews this week, but since nothing is ready yet, I cant say anything more about that.


Here are some newfound blogs that I find very interesting and inspiring!







It's time for a goodie bag again, and this time I've decided to fill it with some of the pictures that doesn't really fit in anywhere else. You know, the studio shots, the small vignettes and the close-ups that are oh-so-lovely, but don't belong to any particular room. Here you go, mixed sweets for everyone!


Fredagsfavoriter från flickr

Friday's flickr favourites, all about desks and craft spaces.