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The home of Sharon Coplan Hurowitz

NY Magazine featured this amazing home of Sharon Coplan Hurowitz, a private art adviser living in New York. This is a rental that she and her family are living in at the moment because their old apartment was flooded. This means that all the renovations done has to be totally convertible, and it was all done very quickly as the family had nowhere to live...
Sharons owns a super cool collection of designer furniture and modern art, which inspired the architects to use all these bright colours and untraditional solutions. I have to say that the result is rather stunning, don't you agree?



  • Victoria E says:

    So colorful and full of life! Who knew that white walls could be something other than boring?

    2007-07-30 | 07:24:45
    URL: http://victoria-e.com/
  • sara says:

    love it!

    2007-07-30 | 10:11:05
    URL: http://happysilly.blogspot.com
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    He he, actually, this article was about NOT having white walls, but I didn't like the rooms with coloured walls that much, so I didn't show them here. :-)

    2007-07-30 | 16:24:48
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • cruststation says:

    Love the unique pieces of furniture and bright colours, especially seen from doors ajar. To do all that work on a temporary home sounds extreme, but the results are interesting and fun!

    2007-07-31 | 16:21:03
    URL: http://cruststation.wordpress.com

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