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IKEA 2008

IKEA are about to release the new 2008 catalogue, and unfortunately I couldn't go to the press event, but I got some pics of the new stuff anyway! If you would like to see more of their 1000 new items, and browse the whole of the 372 pages of the catalogue online, just visit your local IKEA homepage.
I haven't flicked through it all yet, I want to wait until the real thing arrives in my mail box, sit down with a cup of tea and truly enjoy it, but here are some good stuff that I found at first glance. The PS clock makes a reappearence, and the NORVALD chair and UNNI pillow are nice too. I also like the high gloss finish on these cupboards, and the balance between black and white in the bottom picture.



  • Victoria E says:

    I checked the site for the USA, but they don't have the catalog up there yet. :/

    2007-07-28 | 23:16:21
    URL: http://victoria-e.com/
  • Emma says:

    Oh, I didn't know that. But you can always check the Swedish site instead, http://www.ikea.com/se/
    Just click the main picture to get to the catalogue.

    2007-07-28 | 23:25:44
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • Loosergrosan says:

    Do you know how to order the paper-variant of the catalog if you don't get it in the mail? I've looked around on the swedish homepage but cannot find anywhere to order it. If you have "Reklam - nejtack" on your mailbox this is a huge problem...

    2007-07-29 | 10:13:02
    URL: http://loosergrosan.blogspot.com
  • Emma says:

    I believe I read somewhere that you can order it after August 6, so you will have wait until then I guess. Last year they had a box you could tick in the "Ikea Family" section of the homepage, that would make them send it to you even if you had that sign on your door, but I don't know if they still have that now.

    2007-07-29 | 13:25:41
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • cruststation says:

    Love the vibrant colours against the dark storage units.

    2007-07-29 | 17:40:14
  • Victoria E says:

    Even though I am still learning Swedish, it was a lot of fun to look through the IKEA site for Sweden - and such a gorgeous catalog this year. They are getting even more excited about color and patterns, yay.

    2007-08-02 | 20:50:03
    URL: http://victoria-e.com/
  • Frida says:

    IKEA lånar ju inte ut sina bilder. Inte rädd att bli stämd och få böter?! Huga.

    2007-08-17 | 12:25:11
  • Emma says:

    Frida: Nej, jag tror inte de blir arga för lite gratisreklam. Och skulle de misstycka tar jag bara bort det här inlägget, så är problemet löst sedan. :-)

    2007-08-17 | 13:34:21
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se

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