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Give me some insider tips on Amsterdam, please

I'm switching apartments with Sia in Amsterdam for a couple of weeks in August. I'm really looking forward to the trip, but I'm also a little scared, since this will be the first time I travel all on my own. What am I going to do all days? And nights? Sure, hanging out in parks and going shopping is nice, but then what? Where are the nicest bars, and the best cafés? Come on, give me your best tips on what to do (alone) in Amsterdam!



  • Anders Gardebring says:

    I just came back from a week in Amsterdam.
    You just have to eat at Japanese Pancake World.
    Not very netherlandish I suppose, but great food!

    2007-07-23 | 00:15:31
    URL: http://gardebring.com/
  • erika says:

    how great that you will come to holland I'm sure you will love it, I like the knsm-eiland where they have some nice design shops, for eating you should go to de 'bakkerswinkel' and to 'proef', also don't forget to pay a visit to Rotterdam, only 1hour by train and totally diffrent,if you want to know more you can always contact me.

    2007-07-23 | 09:11:05
    URL: http://mikodesign.blogspot.com
  • Emma -emmas designblogg- says:

    Thanks guys! I have already put Japanese Pancake World in my notebook, I'll make sure to eat there some night! Proef is also in my book, it looks really cool! I'll have to check out bakkerswinkel as well.
    I'm not sure I'll be going to Rotterdam though, from what I've seen and heard it doesn't seem so nice?

    2007-07-23 | 16:41:12
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • Hanna says:

    Har inte varit där tyvärr. Men jag är övertygad om att du kommer att få det grymt!
    Vill bara fråga en sak - har för mig att du har koll. Vi renoverar nya köket och jag vill ha tapet och plexi. Vet du vad jag ska ha och var jag får tag på det? :D TACK på förhand!

    2007-07-23 | 21:41:11
    URL: http://hanna.kastas.nu
  • Maria E. says:

    Min sambo ska till Amsterdam ett halvår men är först på plats i september. :( Så jag har alltså inte hunnit dit för att reka än. Däremot kanske du kan hitta några tips här:
    Scrolla ner en bit.
    Det finns gott om kreativa holländare på flickr, kontakta någon där för att få lite lokala tips.
    Det här lät också intressant: Noordemarkt, klassisk matmarknad med ekologiska förtecken. Folknöje med allt från gröna patéer till blommor. Varje lördag klockan 10?16.
    Trevlig resa!

    2007-07-24 | 11:46:12
    URL: http://www.esaiasson.se/blog/
  • Emma Laiho says:

    Ooh, I love Amsterdam, (as you probably already know...)
    My favourites:
    CS museum is great. The Foam photography museum I loved as well. And do go to Van Gogh museum on Friday night, there is DJ's and a bar then. It's like a party :) Ambient music and Van Gogh's paintings go great together!
    Bars and clubs I like: Lux, Weber, Sugar Factory, Maelkweg.
    Get on Sia's bike and just drive around. It's scary at first but you'll get a hang of it. Bike to the Borneo and Java islands, great modern architecture there.
    If you like vegetarian food: foodism (a cute cafe) and green planet (great risotto). And you have to try out maoz falafels. Beans and bagels for breakfast is a must too.
    If you get bored maybe visit the Hague?
    And don't worry how to fill your days... just walk around and take photographs. it will go too quickly!

  • Emma -emmas designblogg- says:

    Wow, that Friday night event at the Van Gogh museum sounds great, I'll definitely check that out!
    Beans and bagels for breakfast?! Naah, I think I'll stick to my cup of mint tea. I'm too grumpy in the mornings to even feel like eating.
    And Maria, I've already tried flickr to get some of the Dutch people there to help me, but somehow almost all of the guys seem to think I'm flirting...
    Thanks for all of your tips!

    2007-07-24 | 12:39:07
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • imelda says:

    switching apartments?? that sounds really fun!

    2007-07-24 | 16:48:04
    URL: http://imedagoze.blogspot.com
  • cruststation says:

    I love the switching apartments idea, how very cool!
    I have a guide to send to you via email, let me find it first.

    2007-07-24 | 19:09:45
    URL: http://cruststation.wordpress.com
  • Emma -emmas designblogg- says:

    Anders: Ok, I'll have to look into Rotterdam a little more before i totally dismiss it. The resistence museum looks cool, thanks for the tip!
    Imelda and cruststation: Yeah, I think the apartment switch is going to be great! First of all, it makes the vacation very cheap, and secondly, it'll be really fun to see how Sia lives. And third, it's always nicer to live in a real home than in a hotel room, right?
    cruststation: thanks, that sounds great, i'm looking forward to recieving the guide!

    2007-07-24 | 19:42:42
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • Sol says:

    Hi! If you fancy some excellent fast food (fast as quick, but healthy and genuine) you must go to Van Dobben: http://www.vandobben.nl/

    2007-07-24 | 20:46:35
    URL: http://sol.pupazzo.org
  • Emma -emmas designblogg- says:

    Hmm, what is that? Deep fried meat?

    2007-07-24 | 21:28:24
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • Sol says:

    We had a hamburger (like, a real hamburger), but they serve lots of things... and they are really friendly. It really is worth a trip.

    2007-07-24 | 23:20:13
    URL: http://sol.pupazzo.org
  • Emma -emmas designblogg- says:

    Oh, ok. When i looked at their site I couldn't really figure out what it said, and all i found was some pics of food packages with what looked like deep fried stuff. but i'll check it out!

    2007-07-25 | 00:18:07
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • danielle says:

    Emma, I am sure you will have a wonderful time in Amsterdam. I will make a list of some great shops for you. The Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemerdijk is nice for shopping. The Negen Straatjes ('nine little streets) are great, with lots of unique shops. This is a beautiful part of Amsterdam. There a lots of things to do and see in Amsterdam. You would be bored!
    Let's meet up for coffee or lunch at Proef or De Bakkerswinkel. Both are great!

    2007-07-25 | 11:19:02
    URL: http://www.style-files.com
  • irene says:

    Just want to wish you a great time in Amsterdam! Danielle will give you the latest tips for shopping, eating and more...maybe a visit to the recently opened new library is a nice thing do to, Loraine over at grijs wrote about it a while ago...looks very interesting.
    Have fun!!

    2007-07-25 | 12:15:51
    URL: http://www.bloesem.blogs.com
  • Emma -emmas designblogg- says:

    Thanks Danielle and Irene!
    I just looked at the library post at the Grijs blog, and WOW, that is an amazing building! I'll definitely go there!

    2007-07-25 | 12:47:27
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • erika says:

    did you know that 'proef' is also in rotterdam, and it is the architectural capital for this year it is not as pretty and fun as Amsterdam but it's great as a modern contrast for a day. Take the watertaxi to Hotel New York and see the cruiseboats , I did a house exchange last year with paris,if youlike more info see my exchange blog, i've put some rotterdam links there.http://welcometorotterdam(dot)blogspot(dot)com

    2007-07-26 | 00:31:02
    URL: http://mikodesign.blogspot.com
  • Sia says:

    Don't you dare dismiss my birth town of Rotterdam, or else I won't hand you the keys to my apartment!
    I love Rotterdam. It is different compared to AMS, yes , but there are a lot of inspiring {cultural} projects over there. Visit the Boymans van Beuningen, or take a stroll down the Witte de Withstraat {there is a Witte de Withstraat in AMS as well, I used to live there}.
    Erika already talked about PROEF {it started in Rotterdam, not Amsterdam!} and Hotel New York {I love that place - do take the 'watertaxi'}, my favourite hangout during my highschool days was Rotown, located at the Nieuwe Binnenweg {they have a website}. Lunch, dinner and live music.
    Oh, and Amsterdam...? Like Emma said, get on my bike and drive around {cute umbrella raincoat not included}!

    2007-07-27 | 04:19:37
    URL: http://siagrafica.visualblogging.com
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Thanks everyone, I'll look through all of your links later when I have more time! And I'll definitely reconsider Rotterdam...
    And Sia, I won't be needing your raincoat, since I have that same one myself! :-) It always gets lots of compliments when I wear it, and I totally love the pattern!

    2007-07-27 | 21:25:02
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se
  • joha says:

    hi emma
    i don't live in the netherlands but i always check out the dutch design stuff because it is so inspiring. some interesting ones:
    based in amsterdam and rotterdam
    x joha

    2007-07-30 | 08:33:42

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