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More about Ceannis

Actually, I think Ceannis deserves their own blog post about their own collection. It is nothing like the Formission pieces, but much more romantic and feminine, and Ceannis only makes textile products such as cushion covers, bags and quilts. The inspiration for the fall/winter collection is based on time, twentyfour hours in a modern woman's life, and separated into four themes:

Early morning - The secret hour
Luxurious and shimmering materials in Scandinavian pale colours with a mix of frosty neutrals, for a quiet and peaceful awakening.


Office time - The rush hour

A unisex business collection with practical computer cases, handbags, travellers and gym bags in leather. Also some more playful products like cosmetics, cushions and throws in happy and cheerful colours such as fuchsia, orange, yellow and lilac, with black as a base colour.


Late afternoon, leisure time - Your own time
Nature is a big source of inspiration for this collection and especially the room in between inside, out and the greenhouse. The collection combines cushions and throws, shawls and slippers for comfort and cosy moments. We love soft qualities such as cord, washed leather and fake wolf fur in natural hues.


Evening, party - The magical hour
The magnificent colours and traditional materials from East Asian cultures combined with a simple Scandinavian design has given the inspiration to create a fantastic party. The colour range consists of red tones like fuchsia, tomato, wine and aubergine with gold as accent.



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